Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Still Thinking of Easter

We've just packed away the plastic eggs and baskets this week; the candy is pretty much gone, but we're still talking about Easter here. Our colored-in pictures of palms, baskets of eggs, and a resurrected Jesus still grace our windows and fridge. We've talked a lot about God's power over death, and how eggs can be a symbol of new life, and the eternal life that Jesus gives us.

An added blessing this year was being joined by family. I mentioned to John as we prepared for their arrival that we hadn't had guests for Easter since Anna was a baby and John was deployed! My brother and sister-in-law and one of their daughters, Haley, made the trip up and we were thrilled they had agreed to let us keep Haley for a few days of her spring break following Easter Sunday.

We enjoyed a beautiful Sunday morning at Cadet Chapel with them. After a yummy lunch and a backyard egg hunt Uncle Ezra and Aunt Suzie had to hit the road, but the fun was just beginning for the girls.

We couldn't let a girl come so close to NYC and not show her some of its wonders. In one day we checked off Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, followed by the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building. It was an ambitious itinerary, and we were tuckered out that night, but it was all worth it. Thankfully, Joshua has gotten over his strange fear of elevators. Good thing, or we would've just paid a lot of money and stood in long lines to torture our poor little guy.

Anna was a little tired -- and sad she had to be picked up to enjoy the bird's eye view.