Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Test Drive

Remember back when I posed this question? Nope, still no new car here. Though we have done some shopping to see what's out there should we need to go for the new car, amazingly enough, we fit three car seats in the back of my car!! Thank you, Saab, for designing a cute, sporty car that is perfect for a family of five! I'm sure you Swedish geniuses had us in mind when you engineered this great vehicle. We'll see how things really go when baby comes along and completes the backseat trio. Lately, this is how we've been rolling around to test out logistics and practical matters. After a couple of months now, including some lengthier drives to and from NYC, so far, so good. But still....we'll see...

Here's the view of the backseat. Anna was not in the mood for having her photo taken that day, but she did find a great new purse holder, as the first photo shows. And yes, I did fix Anna's twisted strap before takeoff. Safety first!