Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Room for more?

Time to place your bets, friends. Can we fit another cutie in the backseat? Sometime around June 15, 2011 our faithful Saabi will put to the test in just how many little people it can hold. The best thing about going home for Thanksgiving this year was sharing the good news of another baby on the way! Now, will it fit? Some of us think it's just not going to work. As much as we've loved this car over the past years, it just seems too small for 3 little people. Others of us are convinced it will work, but we may need smaller car seats. Still others envy the grand vistas the larger vehicles offer from the backseat; the rest of us just don't care -- as long as there's a snack sometime in the near future. I won't say who's in what camp, but we know how toddlers (and mamas-to-be) love their snacks!

So, choose a side and leave your comment for us to ponder.