Thursday, November 04, 2010

Go Daddy!

On Monday we were able to join Daddy at work for his promotion ceremony. We were thankful he wasn't deployed for this one, so we could celebrate with him! I failed to pass our camera off to someone for the formal time, but the department office manager got a few. I have yet to receive those from her, so before something else exciting happens around here, and I forget to post this, here's a family photo we got afterwards. Better than nothing, right?

The whole thing was mercifully brief, which was a great thing for Joshua, who either was really mad that Daddy couldn't hold him at the time, or he just wanted to run around the room. So, above his fitful yelling, Daddy was lauded, pinned, oathed, and made a few short (he sensed our urgency) comments himself. Once happy in Daddy's arms, Joshua grinned as everyone passed to offer their handshakes and congrats. Anna was polite through her shy smiles.

We are very proud of Daddy for all he has accomplished in these 9 Army years. God has brought us through and taught us so much. We are so thankful for this time here now at West Point. We celebrated with dinner that evening at a new Thai place that opened here in our little town. Joshua wasn't much into that, either. I'm pretty sure all he had for dinner was Goldfish and milk. Oh, well.