Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Feet

Anna had her first-ever dance class today. We signed her up for a general beginners' dance class on-post with CYS. After shopping for the appropriate attire and prancing around the house in it all last week, today was finally the day! The cool morning skies threatened rain, so we prepared for it well.

I couldn't get a photo of those cute feet in her adorable ballet slippers, as she was quick to change out of her puddle-splashers as soon as we arrived at class. I was so proud and so thankful for how she just went right into the class and followed along. Joshua and I could watch from a window, but he made it known that this is what he would have rather been doing...pickin' up stuff outside!

The class was a great success and we look forward to the next 9 Tuesday mornings. Her only critique was expressed to Daddy this evening: "We didn't really dance because we didn't even twirl!" In time, tiny dancer.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Friday, August 06, 2010

Exploring New Territory

Here are photos from the last few weeks learning about our new surroundings. I thought we had plenty to do in DC, but the options are equally abundant here, too, and more geared to the out-of-doors, which is just fine by me!

Joshua examines the old-fashioned mail slot in our front door.

On a hike. Views looking down at the Hudson River/ West Point and Anna eating trail-fresh berries.

We took a short 4-day vacation last weekend to Newport, RI. Beautiful!