Monday, July 12, 2010

At Home in the Empire State

We made it! It's all gone rather quickly. We came Thursday, stuff came Friday, Grammie on Sunday and Daddy started work today! With internet installed this evening I thought I'd let you all know we are here and doing well. First things first, you know.

Our house is great and we're so thankful it has worked out since we rented it sight-unseen! The neighborhood is friendly and there are fun things within walking distance. We're getting used to that natural feeling with no central A/C (it's an old, but charming, house.)

Grammie is here for a few days to help and we all love that. The little ones eat up the Grammietainment while Daddy and I work to unpack all our stuff.....and boy do we have stuff. I hadn't realized all that had accumulated over the past 9 years, and with this 6th move, it's been a good time to do a major sifting.

I have some photos I've taken of the young Childri getting used to their new surroundings and I'll post those when I locate the camera. In the meantime, we are enjoying the yard and all there is to explore.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Lots of Lasts

We had our last church playgroup meeting today. Anna ate the last pickle for breakfast today (yes, breakfast). I'm planning to use up the flour in the cupboard to make pizza dough. We hosted our last small group meeting here Tue. evening. We've scheduled dinners with friends for "one last get-together." Nanny and Papa came up on Mon. for "one more trip" to Alexandria. This coming Sunday will be our last one at our dear church. Went to the library to return some books for the last time yesterday. The kind lady asked Anna if she was in the summer reading program. I had to respond, "Well, we're moving in about a week, so we'll check it out at our new library." The lady wanted to know where that would be. Anna said, "New York!"

We're all excited about our move to New York! A week from today this computer will be nestled in a box on a truck or a warehouse or wherever your stuff goes when they pack it up. Our cloud is moving again (see Numbers 9) and this time will settle over a small town near West Point. We weren't cool enough to get on-post housing, but we're thankful for what the Lord provided instead. A yard...finally...a yard! Think of the possibilities! Maybe Joshua will actually decide walking IS more fun than just climbing steps ALL day long.

Daddy is finishing his last days on Capitol Hill and is ready for the new job he will start in August teaching cadets everything he knows about American politics.

We've loved living here and all that we've been able to do and experience. A new home, a new town, a new community also brings excitement and curiosity for what the Lord will bring in a(nother) new place. Thankfully, the library is walkable from our new house, so a summer reading program will be a great way to get started!

Here are some recent photos celebrating some "lasts" with friends.

At a birthday party across the street.

We're going to miss these brothers.