Thursday, May 27, 2010

While stuck in traffic

For some reason the already copious traffic here seems to multiply by about 5 as the days get warmer. This morning we were late to our church moms group and came upon the cleaning up of what looked like had been a minor accident. Anna is learning car names. She's good at identifying just about any Toyota (she likes that curly T), "snagger" wagons, Mini Coopers, Smart cars. Wishing I could enjoy being stuck in traffic as much as she does, instead of internally whining about how it was such a waste of my life, I suddenly heard her say, "Mama, I'm not gonna be 4 forever, but you can still love me forever." Sweet girl. Next time we get to sit in traffic I think I'll just enjoy the opportunity to look back and see their darling faces smiling back at me...and try not to cause more traffic incidents.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Does Anna need a green card?

We had a treat lunch at McD's today in honor of the last day of Community Bible Study. We had the pleasure of sitting near the giant wall-mounted TV that had CNN doing their best to cover all the current happenings of the world. Thanks CNN, for your efforts, but I'd rather not spend this fun lunch with my little people explaining what an oil spill is, the immigration reform debate, why a man wanted to bomb NYC, and why it's unlawful for a man in TN to take advantage of the flooding by water skiing down a street. While the rest of the patrons were engaged in their burgers and news, I tried to redirect most of the questions, but this ironic exchange gave me a chuckle.

Anna: Mama, what's an immigrant?
Me: (Quietly, mindful of the fact that we were the only 3 blondies in the franchise) It's someone who comes to live in America, but who wasn't born here.
Anna: I'm an immigrant.
Me: No, you are an American. You were born here.
Anna: No, I was born in Georgia.