Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some new photos

Realizing we've deprived the world of all the cuteness around here for long enough (we get a lot of requests from family, at least), we finally got a new camera. Hooray! The cool thing is it also has HD video-producing capabilities in one handy piece of technology, so hopefully we'll have more of that on here too.

Here's the boy. 13 months now! Fun, adorable, has a twinkle in his eye he gets from Papa, and has his own creative way of getting around. I'll have to get that on video.

Some photos from a day trip down to Mary Washington on Sunday. I was feeling nostalgic; John's always up for going, so we went! What a strange feeling to see my little girl pedaling her little pink bike down Campus Walk a mere 9 years after my time there.

Friday, April 16, 2010

We were wondering...

Do ducks have teeth? And do you think you could feed them hot dogs?

Thursday, April 08, 2010

"I'm a tool!"

The other day before nap time Anna and I were reading a child's condensed version of The Sermon on the Mount from the Jesus Storybook Bible ("The Singer"). Which is a wonderful version for anyone, I'd say. We read about how God cares for the birds and flowers, and they do not worry about where their provisions will come from:

Anna: I feed the birds!
Me: Yes, we feed the birds too. God uses us sometimes to take care of the birds.
Anna (gazing out the window at our empty bird-feeder): I'm a tool!

I was so thrilled that she got this concept! So we had a little conversation about how God can use us as His tools in this world to do His work for His glory. I am thankful for that sweet moment with her, and our daily prayer is that she will always be willing to be His tool in this world.