Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Mid-Winter Retreat

We took advantage of John's continued flexible (or lack of) schedule,and our friends' gracious hospitality and had a wonderful long weekend in rural PA with Lynn, Nate, and Abigail. Lynn's parents have a lovely, restful home near Amish country and it was such a nice time exploring (Anna loved the horses and ladies in dresses), resting, feeding birds, chatting, playing, and just being together. Photos are limited because our camera keeps doing this crazy thing with lines. Anybody have any ideas why? It's not the batteries. Could it be just time to retire the over-7-year-old camera? (Please say yes!)The good ones were taken with Lynn and Nate's camera.

(This is the crazy one with lines)

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

On the 12th Day of Christmas...

I'm finally catching up around here. Anna called me a "super vacuum Mama!" Woo hoo!

A look back at the last couple weeks. I miss all the relaxing family time, watching cousins playing, yummy food, sledding, "hunting for bears" in the woods, enjoying 3 babies' first Christmases, and meeting our wonderful nephew/cousin, Isaac...

Joshua thought he was tasty.

Anna found him charming.

Anna's new way of seeing the world.

Joshua enjoyed Go Gran's lap.

And some others, mostly thanks to Aunt Mary's talent.

Looking forward to sharing our blessings and reading of yours in 2010!!