Sunday, August 23, 2009

Endless Summer

Continuing my trend of breezing through the blog and not writing much, here's a little of what we've been doing.

Had a wonderful time with the Carlsons last weekend! Thanks for coming, guys!

With Daddy's continued time off, and our perpetual wanderlust, we escaped the oppressive DC heat for some cooler temps and bucolic scenery in another DC -- Deep Creek, Maryland, that is. After much searching, we landed our steal of of a deal that gave us days in the 70s and nights in the 60s...refreshing! A no mosquitoes, picnics, hikes, splashing in the lake and playing in the sand, leaving the windows open at night so you can hear the bugs kind of place; a little of Heaven on earth.

Joshua slept through his first hike

The water was deemed "too chillwy" for our wisp of a girl, so we buried feet.

And Joshua crashed in his beach tent.

A tree hatched an Anna

Travels continue tomorrow. Going home to see family this week, breezing through Fayetteville next weekend, then on to Savannah, GA for more beach time and concluding it all with a wedding Labor Day weekend. Do we not know when to stop or what?!

See y'all later!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

summer, summer, summer

Has it been that long already? We've been busy. Daddy's internship finished up about 2 weeks ago and his summer course ended last week. Right now we're on a long break until the fall semester starts up again the week after Labor Day. We're so very, very spoiled with having Daddy around. Day trips this week have included some shopping downtown at H&M, some swimming at Ft. Myer, a yummy Greek dinner with our neighbors in DuPont Circle, playing over at Camp Cookie, a birthday dinner for Mr. Huber, and other various outings in this steamy DC August.

We had some great-grandparent fun last week. I'm so thankful Anna and Joshua get to experience all 4 of my sweet grandparents. My Go Gran is a very proud Semper Fi Marine and so we took them to the Marine Corps Museum at Quantico. Anna enjoyed learning about how her Go Gran also had to go far away to keep away the bad guys, and did well as we took in the exhibits of the "Marine soldiers" as she called them.

Last Friday evening we enjoyed some tasty Indian food for dinner in the Eastern Market area, then walked down a few blocks to the Marine Barracks and happened upon their Sunset Parade. There was space available, so we grabbed a seat and were entertained by the President's Own Marine band. The drill team performed next, but as night settled in, Anna became a little bored of the bayonet bedecked rifle-tossing, and poor Joshua had had about all he could take.

To continue our branching out (get it?), we checked out the Navy Museum yesterday at Navy Yard and explored the battleship USS Brady. Anna loved this big boat and thought it was fun climbing the steep ladder-steps to check out the different rooms. It was a great opportunity to tell her about how her Great-Grandaddy had sailed on a similar ship her Go Gran was a Marine soldier.

More visitors coming today! Nate, Lynn, and Abigail will join us later for the long weekend. We'll see what adventures await!

To everyone else, come visit! There's so much to do around here.