Sunday, July 26, 2009

4 Months of the J-Man

Joshua doesn't get a lot of face time on the blog, so this one's for him. He's usually content to be in the background while Big Sister takes the limelight. All checked out fine at his 4-month appointment this past Tuesday. He's 12 lbs., 14 oz and 24.75 inches. Just like with Anna, we're not setting any records in the weight categories, but I don't think Anna weighed 12 lbs till she was like 9 months, no kidding! I guess they're waiting to set their records as Olympic track athletes.

We are really enjoying this little buddy. He's so very sweet and his favorite toys are his hands, toes, or a burp cloth. His newest trick is blowing raspberries. He takes great naps during the day, but still likes to get up once or twice at night to hang out with Mommy. It's getting more and more fun to see him interact with Anna. She's always up for trying to make him giggle or smile. This is starting to pay off for me as I try to cook dinner in the evenings.

I don't know that I can say whom he most closely resembles. What do you think? Nanny brought a photo of me as a baby when she came up and I saw a little of Joshua in that chubby face. However, while looking at a photo of Daddy as a baby Papa was convinced that was a little Joshua. I don't know. He certainly has my blue eyes and blonde hair. Either way, it's such a gift to watch them grow and develop into the little people God created them to be.

He joined us for breakfast the other day in his purple throne.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

At the Beach with Anna

I think you can see that we had a great time in the sun, sand, surf, and constant party that is Ocean City. Our fun-lovin' friends Angela, Huber, and their sweet Ruthie joined us. You may notice Anna's beat up knees and elbow. Those are the wounds she got trying to keep up with Daddy as he relived these childhood traditions:

Donning proper headgear for a dinner at Phillips

Relaxing by the pool

Tasty Kohr's frozen custard

Posing on the Boardwalk

On the pier with Ruthie

Thursday, July 16, 2009

In Between Adventures

It's been some busy times around here, but really fun, and we've been able to see some of our favorite people!

Last Friday Nanny and Papa came up for the weekend! What fun we had buzzing around DC, playing Candyland, eating yummy food they brought us, and just enjoying their company.

Yesterday we took a day trip up to Philadelphia to meet Uncle Michael and Aunt Faith who were there for a few days. Uncle Michael received a major award for some work he's done as a Rear-D commander at Fort Hood. We enjoyed a Geno's Philly cheese steak lunch with them and they let us lounge by their hotel pool for a bit before they had to get fancy for their evening ceremony. We made the most of being in Philly and took the opportunity to pop in on the Carlsons for dinner. If you ever pop in on the Carlsons for dinner, be ready for a feast! They gave us a wonderful meal and of course, we had some great times catching up and playing with beautiful Abigail. I wish I had photos to prove all this. Believe me. It really happened. My tired babies can attest to it -- but it was all VERY worth it!

Today we're catching up on rest, laundry, and getting organized for leaving for the beach tomorrow! Ocean City, MD awaits us for a 4-day weekend. We'll see what adventures lie in store for us there and will give a full report (and hopefully photos!) when we return.

I'm embarking on my own adventure as well. A new decade begins today and I'm so thankful to look back over the many rich blessings the Lord has given me over these 30 years, and I look forward to what He'll continue to do in my life. What an abundant Life He gives!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Celebrating a Capitol 4th

What a busy weekend! What fun was had!

On Friday, some old friends came over. John's former sponsor from West Point and their 4 boys enjoyed a cook-out and playing with "girl toys" for the evening. Anna was happy to share her world of pink with the boys, who were equally enthusiastic to try out the foreign items - strollers, dolls, Polly Pockets, jewelry; they need a sister.

On Saturday we went downtown for the National 4th of July parade. Honestly, we were mostly nonplussed. I was expecting more - at least some floats or something. But it turned out to mostly be high school marching bands from around our nation, which is fun, but not as exciting as we'd thought.

Don't they look alike?

Anna danced a jig as a loudspeaker played "Johnny Be Good."

We spent the afternoon at home and then in the evening went to see the fireworks. It was tempting to go back to the National Mall area to watch the deal up close, but we figured it would be wiser to just stay on the VA side, and not get caught up in traffic, which would probably mean getting back way too late for a little girl's bedtime. Thankfully, Joshua still sleeps just about anywhere and through just about anything. He snoozed in his stroller the whole time. We chose a plot of grass just underneath the Air Force Memorial in Arlington and our pastor and his family joined us. Anna was happy to share the experience with her friends, Sim and Ware. The view was perfect and the Air Force band put on a great performance.

The next morning we packed up and headed out to the country! It was a chilly and rather dreary day, but it didn't stop us. We met Amy and her family at their lovely home in the mountains. We enjoyed visiting the chickens, checking out the gardens, riding the Mule (an ATV, not a real mule) around in the woods, eating some yummy food, and catching up with our friends. John and Anna even braved the cool temperatures and had a dip in the pool before bedtime. Yesterday was much lovelier and we had a great morning swimming together.

Amy made sure Anna was ready for the farm with hat and walking stick.