Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our March Babies

3 years ago on March 14th, we welcomed our precious Anna Rachel. The big girl is now 3..and a big sister! Here she is on her special day, showing off her new pink bike.

So proud to be 3! Thank you Golbys for the adorable "yainbow" shirt! It's been a hit.

4 days after her birthday, Anna got to welcome her long-awaited "baby brudder," Joshua David, who was finally named as he was making his arrival. Nothing like being forced to make a decision! He weighed 6 lbs., 15 oz. and stretched out to 20". He certainly surprised us coming a week before his due date. We are enjoying this sweet blessing in our family. He really likes eatin', snugglin', and sleepin'. He does NOT like having his diaper changed.

I have been so encouraged by your phone calls, emails, and Facebook messages. Thank you for rejoicing with us. Thank you also for your prayers. God provided a safe, healthy arrival and he is thriving. We would welcome your continued prayers as we make this adjustment. It's hard at times, but it's great to have him here and not be pregnant anymore. I will miss Anna's sweet hugs and kisses to my tummy, though. I got this photo last week, the day before Joshua decided to make his way into the world. Though I couldn't always see my feet, I often saw this darling face hugging the basketball.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Break 09

Daddy biked off to school again this morning, so spring break is over. We had a great week with him and got to do some fun outings together.

Last Monday was windy, but slightly warm, so we packed a picnic lunch and headed out to Great Falls Park in McLean. This is a point where the Potomac (or 'Tomac, as Anna calls it) River "builds up speed and force as it falls over a series of steep, jagged rocks..." It's an impressive scene and we also enjoyed tossing balls and eating our lunch at the adjacent park. We hope to go back when the weather is warmer.

On Tuesdays the Museum of Natural History offers free tours of their live butterfly exhibit. It's an indoor bubble you walk through with conditions warm and bright for butterflies to kick it free range fashion. We forgot the camera, or we'd have some lovely shots of the colorful flowers with the inhabitants circling around. The disappointing part was that timid little Anna didn't find this adventure as intriguing as we did. She was fine till a butterfly fluttered a little too close, then Daddy was required to carry her through the rest. Glad we didn't pay the usual entrance fee of $6.

We went back to the mammals exhibit she had seen with her cousins because she likes the bunnies. We wandered into the room where a catchy video was playing about mammals; specifically how we are all related and came from one mammal. Daddy gave the nod that we should head on. We explained to confused Anna that the show was saying things that the Bible says aren't true. She inquired about why everyone else was watching and seemed baffled by the fact that not everyone knows what the Bible says about God creating the world. Her faith is so beautiful right now, and we pray we are laying a strong foundation for when she'll have to face more of these challenges.

Wednesday and the rest of the week were consumed with more of our usual routine, and colds for poor Anna and Daddy. We went to CBS, had a couple of Dr. visits for me (all's well), and made some preparations for the big 3rd birthday we celebrated on Saturday. That deserves its own posting, so I'll chat about that soon.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

In Like a Lion (or a Polar Bear)

March has arrived and it brought us a decent snowfall Sunday night and yesterday. Luckily, this time the snow was on a Monday, which meant Daddy was around to frolic around in it with us. He's way more fun than I am at this point (37 weeks today). When they weren't attempting a snowman, or shoveling the driveway,Daddy was showing Anna how to make snow angels. We don't have a sled, but that didn't stop them from sliding downhill anyway. That didn't work very well. It was a fun day with a nice change of scenery!

Yesterday after her nap we went out back and made snow people on the deck. The snow was still pretty dry, but I found some wetter snow on the corner of the deck that made nice, round snow bodies. So the "snow mommy" looks like a proper snowman and the mound ("snow baby") just looks like some sort of snow pile with eyes. I promise, no Nandina bushes were harmed for this activity. They all willingly gave up their berries and branches for the cause.

Next week is Daddy's spring break, and we're excited the forecast is calling for some warmer weather! In the past, the Childresses would've used a free week to go somewhere interesting, but with the baby coming soon we'll have to stay local. That's alright, though. There's still lots we haven't seen yet around here, and we'll try to get some good blog material in next week. Who knows? Maybe there will be a baby to talk about!