Monday, December 08, 2008

It's A Jolly Holiday with Grammie... wonder that it's Grammie that we love!

They could cast Grammie as the next Mary Poppins, upgrading her from a flying umbrella to a classy Monte Carlo. She arrived last Friday for the weekend with a bag full of fun, and I'm just now getting around to posting about it because someone in this household is in the midst of final exams/papers and I haven't had much computer time.

Grammie braved the blustery cold with us to see the National Christmas Tree on Friday and some plaid-clad, pipe and drum Scottish heritage parades in Old Town on Saturday - it warmed our McCallister/Keith blood to see our banners pass by. Anna loved it all, but was sad when her feet were numbed from the cold. We've since solved that by purchasing some warm snow boots, which I realized a few days ago look exactly like Napolean Dynamite moon boots. Even John pointed that out. They're blue and everything (or were his black?,) because they didn't have a size 7 in pink and my practical mind figured Little Brother will use them one day, too. I'll have to get a photo of her in them. Could've gotten one yesterday, but all she had on were her panties and moon boots. Pretty funny, but not appropriate for the blog.

Anyway...back to last weekend... I'll just post the photos that express the glee that resulted from Grammie's visit. An early Christmas treat for John and me was a nice outing all to ourselves! We had a yummy dinner at Clyde's in DC and then went to see Dickens' A Christmas Carol. It was a great show, followed by some strolling around downtown afterwards. I soon began to complain of numbness as well and we hopped on the Metro to come home.

So, some photos. Here's the National Christmas Tree and the White House decked out for the holidays. Sorry they're a little dark.

On Saturday morning Grammie helped us decorate the Christmas tree. Anna very meticulously put the little ornaments on the mini artificial tree Grammie gave us our first Christmas as man and wife.

A few days prior, we had gone over to the high school down the street to get our real tree. Anna picked out one for her room, and I think I heard her quoting Charlie Brown, saying, "I think it needs me." It's since been in her room, in a jar of water, with the paper angel she made at CBS standing next to it.

From the Saturday morning parade in Old Town Alexandria.

Does a nation REALLY need this much Starbucks?

Anna and Grammie made some yummy treats!

Here we are before our date! This is for you, JStar.

That about sums it up. Hope it's a jolly holiday time where you are, too!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


We returned Monday from a wonderful, joy-filled time at home again with family. This one says it all. John was even allowed to borrow Sam's tie for a while.

Anna's first race

She's still talking about "the yace." The chilly Thanksgiving morning found us downtown for the Drumstick Dash 5k. We know she was inspired; who wouldn't be when all you have to do is kick back in the stroller, munch a granola bar, and watch everyone walking and running with their dogs. Mommy and Daddy had it pretty easy, too. We just went for the scene and even found some friends there to walk along and chat with.

Advent with Anna

I was so excited about the arrival of Advent. It's a joy to experience this time through her eyes and anticipate what she may understand or grasp from it this year. I bought this Nativity Advent calendar on CBD and knew she'd be excited about it. Each pocket has a member of the cast and a patch of velcro that attaches it to the scene above. I'll have to take another photo after the 25th and see where everyone ended up. To make it more fun, I put 2 M&M's in each pocket. I should've known that would get her more excited than the figures. This was the best photo we could get because all she wanted to do was show off her treats.

All she wants for Christmas is...

1. All of her teeth! Yes! The long-awaited time has come. For over 2 years now, I've dreaded the arrival of more teeth, though with some relief that once they'd come we were closer to being done. Every few months has been a challenge as we'd face this trial with her, but Glory to God in the Highest, there will be a little more peace on our part of the Earth. Her last 2 molars are cutting their way in. I know more will come at, what is it, 6 and 12? Well, we could all use a break for a few years. The only problem now is, what will my new excuse be for her (thankfully seldom) bad days?

2. "I don't want a baby brudder; I just want a baby Jesus." Those were her words to me yesterday. What a sweet time this is.