Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Baby Sister"

No, we haven't found out if #2 is a Percival or a Prunella. (But we hope to on Monday!) However, Anna is convinced she's getting a "baby sister." Oh, and the baby sister is in her tummy, too. I guess that means we're having 2 babies soon? Many times throughout the day she talks about her baby sister and finds toys for her, sets her an extra spoon at the table, etc. When asked what her baby sister's name will be, she answered, "Lena." The only way I can connect that one is we have a neighbor named Elena who is so sweet to Anna when we see her. So, with her invisible friends, Puddlewise and Puddlewash, words we had heard for months and months and finally realized they are "friends", and now her baby sister, Anna has quite the entourage. For now, they're a pretty quiet group, don't eat much real food, and don't take up much room or make too many messes....for now...

This past weekend, our friends Mike and Melissa came for a visit and got to hear all about these pastimes. Anna always loves seeing the MWC girls, and made herself right at home with them. The rain kept us from doing a lot, but it was so fun to have guests and catch up with them some. And Anna always loves having other people's ears to talk off and be entertained by. Here are some photos.

Reading on the couch with "Mike and Missa":

Ready to go, complete with boots and her "pack pack," but still in her jammies:

Thanks for coming!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our Sensible Little Girl

On Saturday we took the metro into DC to walk around the National Mall and maybe do a museum if we felt like it. We strolled through the Sculpture Garden. Once there I discovered my camera batteries were dead. Hence the links. Anna thought this was an "emaphant!" Pretty insightful, I thought. Daddy was amazed by Lichtenstein's house. It really is cool to walk past it and see how the dimensions "change" before you.

The funny part was a little further out into the Mall there was a merry-go-round. Now, going around in circles just doesn't appeal to me, but Daddy loves anything that goes and I thought for sure he'd sweep Anna off her feet and they'd be on it in a second. Anna approached it wide-eyed, stood there for a bit analyzing the other children and parents zipping around, then realized, "I'm still too yittle for dat." No batteries in the camera, anyway. Sensible little girl.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"You have a sick nose too?"

That's what Anna asked me yesterday as she heard me sniffling and blowing my nose. Yes, the germs of the season have come to our house. Last Friday Anna was hit with bilateral conjunctivitis (pink eye in both eyes). At least it gave us the chance to see her new pediatrician, who I think is really great. If only she could've come home with us to administer the ointment required for the icky eyes! I chuckled to myself as the young guy at the pharmacy window instructed me on how to put it in. "Hold her eye open and place a thin ribbon of ointment along the bottom eyelid." Hmm...

To make things more interesting and the nights more sleepless, the cold came to Anna Friday evening. This meant our plans to go see Amy Brown in Charlottesville on Saturday had to be altered. We decided it would be best for Anna to stay home and rest and not share the germs. Daddy was so kind to let me keep my plans with Amy, promising he'd tend to our little convalescent. Well, when you stay home with Daddy "to rest" that means you: take a nap on the couch after breakfast, then you go to the open house at the local fire station, eat popcorn, see fire trucks, go to the pumpkin patch, pick out not 1, but 3 pumpkins: "a big one and 2 baby punkins!", then end it all at McDonald's with a Happy Meal and washing Daddy's car at home. Who wouldn't want to get sick with Daddy around?!

The day away was my longest field trip from my family, but a very special time with Amy and her family. At one point I even forgot I was driving alone in the car and exclaimed, "Look, horsies!" as I wound my way through the hills of Albemarle County's farms. Oops. Here's one of Amy and me watching UVA beat ECU. Go Cavs!

We're still recovering from the colds. We hope to wake up all better tomorrow morning so we can go to watch our friend Chris be inducted into the FBI. Cool!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Baby Update

16-week check-up on Monday went well. The little ticker was ticking away and all is well. We hope to find out in early Nov. if we're expecting a Prunella or a Percival. Anybody wanna guess?