Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Howdy and Aloha!

Well, the house-hunting wasn't as successful as we had hoped, but not a total failure either. We have a few options we're waiting to hear back on, but no new address to send out to everyone. Hopefully soon. It's come to living either in Arlington or Alexandria, VA. Arlington is our first choice so Daddy will have the easiest commute to Georgetown Univ., but there are limited choices there. Alexandria has about 5,000 townhomes we could choose from, which are great, but with a more complicated commute. We'll see what the Lord has.

The most fun part of our trip was the weekend, where, as I mentioned before, the MWC girls gathered for a reunion. You can read more about it, and get to know some of these awesome ladies by reading Melissa's or Jess's blog. Sorry to mooch, girls, but it's late and we're in the middle of packing for.....


Yep, tomorrow we go to the Lone Star State so we can see Uncle Michael and beautiful, sweet, and wonderful Auntie Faith! It's been about a year and a half since the brothers have been together, so this will be a great long weekend of catching up. Anna is really pumped about it all. When airplanes, dogs, and Uncle Michael and Aunt Faith are in store, what more could you want?? That's why we haven't even told her about our trip from there to....


After a few days in TX, we'll journey on to those famed islands in the Pacific. Ahhh...we can't wait! We'll be visiting our dear friends, the Golbys. We know Anna's gonna love playing with the girls, swimming, playing in the sand, and who knows what other adventures will come our way.

Please pray for safe travels with no airplane bugs, and check back in a few weeks for photos. Yes, photos. I am not promising "good" photos, but photos you shall have!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Ready, Set, Leave!

John's block leave (finally!) begins soon as he gets home from his going-on-7-hours now "half-day." The next 30 days will hold lots of adventures for this family. We'll update as we go along.

We kicked it off last night with a(nother) ball. This was the brigade level ball, and a bittersweet farewell as so many in our battalion "family" are moving on to other things. So, here we are again. John always agonizes over what to wear to these things. So many choices! Fortunately, he made a good choice and looked dapper as always....just like all the other guys. I, on the other hand, never experience any uncertainty over how to dress. (haha...) I was blessed to find this cool dress while in Roanoke last week at a great consignment shop for $19!! That's about a third of what the alterations cost for that blue deal I wore a few weeks ago for the other ball. Anyway, all that mattered was that we had fun and realized how thankful we are to have been with this great group of folks. Here's one of me and the lovely ladies of 1-508, plus the BC and the S3 pictured behind us.

Anna, always keeping us on our toes, started practicing for vacation with the camera. I guess she's planning on getting better shots than Mommy and Daddy. Knowing us, that may turn out to be the case. While I was distracted with packing for our first trip that begins today, she first decided I needed some help choosing what to bring. She pretty much emptied her dresser and brought all her clothes in to our room saying, "take yots of clothes in the suitcase!" After that, I didn't see her snatch the camera and go back into her room. Eventually, I noticed it was too quiet. It's never a good sign, and I'm always reluctant to give up a few moments of my seemingly peaceful productivity to go check on what I know will be a naughty scene.

Sure enough, the smart little girl had turned the camera on and was snapping her first photos. Throughout our whole little discipline session (she knows cameras aren't for little girls), I really couldn't wait to see what she had captured. Here are a few samples:

We've kept our poor darling going 90 miles an hour the past couple of weeks...and this is only the beginning! After her photo shoot, we attempted lunch, but she was far too cranky after her exciting night with the Mikkelsons. So, she's preparing for our next adventure right now with a nap. Praise the Lord for naps! Hopefully when she wakes up she'll be ready to hit the road. We leave today for places north of here to find our next home. Hopefully when we return on Sunday we'll have info to share on exactly where that will be. We'll also have wonderful memories of the reunion with my MWC girls! We're ALL getting together Sat./Sun. and it's going to a blast! Our sweet "God Squad" of 7 has now become a tribe of 18 and a half! Please pray for safe travels and a place to live!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Crib Class of 2008

Just over 2 weeks ago, Anna graduated from her crib to the toddler bed her crib conveniently converts into. Be assured, I was perfectly happy to leave her in the crib till, oh, she goes away to college or so. However, Daddy was concerned that she would soon be climbing out and fall and get hurt. In our house safety often has to trump convenience, so convert we did. So far it's gone pretty well. She's good about staying in bed till one of us comes to get her, and we weren't too concerned about her falling out as the bed is very close to the floor.

Here she is the first night in her big girl bed.

As far as we could tell, she hadn't fallen out. If she did, she was getting herself back into bed. However, last night I went in for my nightly Anna peek and found her soundly snoozing away just like this:

Poor baby! I don't know how long she'd been like this. John had gone to bed early in preparation for his 3 am Prop Blast (the 82nd's version of a Spur Ride, so I'm told), and I was out late watching Nicole's kids. I picked her up, cuddled a minute, and put her snuggly back in bed. Does anyone else see the irony here? She'll get used to it soon, I'm sure.