Tuesday, May 27, 2008

All-American Week

Aptly timed just before Memorial Day Weekend, All-American Week took place here last week. It's basically a week-long field day for the guys, with some picnics, parades, celebrations, and somber ceremonies mixed in. President Bush even made the trip down for the parade and review. But our favorite visitors came for the exciting demonstrations that were held on Friday. Go here for photos of Anna with her cousins! Thanks to Mary for the photos. I know I can always count on her! :-)

After that we headed to VA for the long weekend. More on that later...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Bit of Beach

Living just over 2 hours away, I don't know why we've spent such little time at NC's lovely beaches. Thursday and Friday we headed down to Holden Beach to meet up with the Johnsons who were there with a very large portion of Sarah's family. We got to spend most of Thursday with them and breakfasted with them Friday morning. It was so great to see their boys and catch up on their life a little. They have exciting times ahead!

After breakfast, they were on their way back to GA and we decided to take a little day trip to the cute little town of Southport. For Anna, lots of water and boats to see. For us, some really fun antique shops and a tasty seafood lunch by the water.

Here are some cute photos of the kids. First, Nathan required himself to wear this helmet each time he went outside to play. Apparently this went on the whole week they were there. At least they didn't have to worry about his noggin getting burnt.

Anna just wanted to charge into the water.

And she couldn't get enough of Baby Sam....who I can't believe will be 1 next month!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

We had a Ball!

What a fun weekend it's been! Thursday afternoon Nanny came down to share the weekend with us and to hang out with Anna while we went to our battalion ball that evening. Here we are, John and I bedecked in our best, and Anna getting nervous as she realizes that's not usually how we dress for supper. Sorry John, your head is cut off.

It was a great time, as far as balls go. The food was actually pretty good and John humored me by giving in to some time on the dance floor. Here's another one of us where John has his whole head intact.

It was really nice to have a night out and to spend and evening with the folks that he has invested so much into. I've been blessed to know some really incredible ladies here, too. This is the stuff we love about the Army.

The rest of the weekend held more Army fun with a H&F last night and Anna got another evening of full attention from Nanny. We also spent some time at the Botanical Gardens yesterday. We spied on some geese, or "beefs" and took a walk around one of the trails where Anna reminded us to "Watcher step!" a few more times than was

I hope my mommy friends are having a special day today!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Mother's Day Deals & Conversations with Shadoo

One of my favorite Mama Blogs has some sweet deals for this special weekend. Her site is always fun, funny, and informative...especially if you're really into American Idol. If you're interested, click on Huse Blog is it Anyway? in the Anna's Friends list to the right.

To follow up with yesterday's talk about Shadoo, I wanted to post this conversation I heard Anna having today with Shadoo.

We were in the bathroom and Shadoo appeared on the wall.
Anna: Hi Shadoo! How's your day? Good? Yeah?

I need to get this girl more playdates!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

2 Much Fun!

Nothing too extraordinary going on here lately. Daddy's block leave doesn't begin till June, but we're thankful for his short work days and long weekends. He's such a fun Daddy! What a joy and blessing to see my two favorite people have great times together. This is their first tea party together.

And last week was I think Anna's first trip to a park. I know, that's sad. But really, who needs a park when your backyard is a third of a soccer field? Daddies are always more adventurous and I'm glad he had this idea. It was fun to watch Anna try out all the new things. She's usually pretty timid about attempting new physical feats, so we were surprised and proud when she didn't display the slightest qualms about doing the twirly big kid slide. She climbed right up the ladder, up some steps, over a bridge and slid right down. I got a decent shot of her coming down. After landing she said, "Your turn, Mommy?" I was happy to oblige.

Anna has also discovered her shadow. We tried to go outside and find her yesterday, but the sun was being finicky and we couldn't get a clear shot of "Shadoo." Today, though, was more successful. We found Shadoo out on the deck during lunch today. Here's Anna meeting Shadoo, waving at Shadoo, and trying to walk on Shadoo. Ever heard the expression, "She's afraid of her shadow?" Well, as I said before, Anna's a tender little soul. After lots of Shadoo spying and realizing Shadoo wouldn't leave her alone, she looked up at me and said nervously, "Shadoo get you??" She calls herself "you."

And can I share one more story? One morning last week I was getting Anna's cup of milk and I turned around when Anna said, "Yook Mommy!" She had climbed up into her chair and snapped herself in. I guess my job is getting easier!