Monday, March 31, 2008

Anna Thinks Outside the Bun

Today was Anna's 2-year check-up. I guess I'll have to quit reporting this once she starts to care. For now, here are the little girl's stats:

Weight: 24 lbs.
Height: 34 inches
Overall assessment: "Blossoming," according to her Ped. Praise God for a healthy child! I never want to take this for granted.

Following the check-up, Anna bravely took a shot in the leg. Anna's theology: "Pray. Desus make boo-boo better."

After all that and a trip to Wal-mart, I thought a yummy lunch was in order. We hit the Taco Bell drive-thru and Anna thoroughly enjoyed her "cheat yunch." That's Anna for "treat lunch." Funny girl!

Here's a photo of a happy tot with her taco.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Seeing Yellow

No, I'm not referring to the blanket of pollen that has alighted upon these parts. I'm talking about something WAY better! A few days ago we learned that Dada is coming home about a week and a half earlier than thought!! Does this ever happen in the Army? We'll find out. Right now it looks like we just have a week and a half to go! 2 more Sundays!

To get ready, we're hitting our to-do lists like Anna on raisins. Yesterday we planted some yellow marigolds around the mailbox to get ready for the homecoming. In the days to come there will be lots of cleaning, cooking, and getting barracks ready for the single guys.

We would welcome your prayers for a safe return for all the guys, a joyful reunion, and an easy transition as Anna will soon have to share her Number 1 (moi).

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Two Cute!

It's nice to finally be able to sit down and do some much-needed blog updating. We had a lot of catching up to do this past week once we'd returned from VA. And of course, life always brings surprises. If you don't have a cat, keep it that way. If you do, never let it hang out behind the dryer.

Anyway, what a wonderful 2nd birthday we had with our family! Below is a photo commentary of some of the fun we had.

Since Anna received a tea set for her birthday, we celebrated Anna's birthday morning with a tea party with her cousins Jake, Hannah, and Sam. Aunt Mee-mo and I were there to pour tea, serve fruit and blueberry muffins, take photos, and be in close reach of the paper towels. Nanny and Ghee were there to observe and enjoy their grandchildren - as it should be once you become a grandmother, they remarked. Mee-mo and I agreed.

Anna arrived at her tea party in style.

She didn't really get blowing out her candle. Yes, candle. We couldn't fit 2 on a muffin. Good thing Sam was there to help.

Enjoying some yummy tea...

...but she just had to take this phone call.

Somehow silly headgear became the dress code.

After tea and presents, it was time for more piano basics with Aunt Mee-mo. You know, just some simple Chopin.

The rest of the weekend held more fun. There was reading with "Hee-ee" (Haley-anne)...

And more birthday celebrating (with real cake this time) at "Um-Mama's" and "Um-Dada's" (Anna's great-grandparents) on Palm Sunday that included an Easter Egg hunt. These eggs were way more fun than the ones at home. They had jelly beans and money in them! Wow!

Tea parties, reading, piano playing, cousins, Easter egg hunts, wagon-pulling, a new trike! 2 is going to be tons of fun!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mussard & Jeddy

I guess since Anna's turning 2 tomorrow, she figures it's time to try new things.

There's mustard, and there's jelly. They taste good with their appropriate coordinating foods. Like mustard and ham, and jelly and peanut butter. Yesterday Anna decided to bend the rules. I was on the phone with my friend Nicole. I was putting something away in the fridge and Anna came up and pulled out the "mussard" and "jeddy." Then asked for bread. I said, "I think she's asking for a mustard and jelly sandwich. Nicole said, "Give it to her!" Okay, why not? So, I cut one piece of bread in half, not wanting to be wasteful. I smeared some mustard on one half, jelly on the other. My stomach got a little queasy as I did so. Anna didn't have the same reaction.

Then, she asked for more.

Does this mean she'll be the paste-eater in kindergarten??

Besides her culinary experiments, Anna has also decided that my name is now "Mama." "Mimi" is SO one-year-old!

We leave today for Nanny and Papa's to celebrate the big day with family. I'll try hard to have more photos when we return next week.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Sharing Life

Anna and I have been very occupied lately. All last week, we were blessed to share life with the Toths, the Scotts (no relation to Michael), the Carlsons, and the rest of the Schweinfurt crowd who have found themselves here. What great times were had!

Apparently, all this wasn't enough excitement for one week. Or maybe the Lord just wanted to show me how blessed I really am. Last weekend I came down with the flu and Anna with double conjunctivitis. I had to miss out on some of the fun, but I'm so thankful Anna had plenty of people to entertain her. Then, when things got really rough earlier this week, the Mikkelsons whisked Anna away for 2 days, teaching her about NASCAR (vroom vroom!), and how to say, "Go Duke!" As I lay in bed depleting my iPod battery, I just couldn't help but give thanks for the help that surrounded me. Nanny (my mom) came in for back-up on Tuesday so we could get Anna to the Dr. and get some meds for her poor gooey peepers. With plenty of good drugs, we're both on the up and up. Sharing life means not only sharing the fun, easy times, but also the harder, not so pretty times that ask for even more love and grace. I am ridiculously blessed!