Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fir-Fay, Dada!

It's Dada's birthday and Anna has a special message for him, and tells the rest of us how old he really is. Well, she's 1. Doesn't it make sense everyone else is, too?

From the many attempts, this was the best we could get from your squirmy, curious, busy little girl! We love you and wish you were here!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

12 More Sundays!

Today we celebrated (?), commemorated (?), I'm not sure what the right word is, our surviving one year of deployment. We have somewhere around 86 days to go. I feel like this is a good point to start counting down the days. But, it's still a lot of days, so to make ourselves feel better, the other day my friend Michelle and I called it 12 More Sundays. Isn't that much more palatable? The Lord has been so faithful to us over this year. He gave me these words over and over again today from Psalm 84.

Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage...They go from strength to strength...

Here's the little girl tonight just before we removed one of the links from our paper chain - one link per day.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

His Response

Today we finally got to hear from Dada and as we were talking he was skimming through the blog archives of the past several weeks. He read the post from Jan. 7 and his response to my vacuum rantings did not surprise me in the least: "Cynthia - get a new vacuum!" There was a slight air of embarrassment in his tone. Well, now you all know it; I'm the penny pincher in the family.

OK Love, we'll do!

(But Golbys, it was still his idea to fly Space-A that time. I'll never own that one!)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

22-Month (Yester)Day!

Yesterday was Anna's 22-month day! 2 is coming at us quickly! But not as quickly as that tummy bug came at me at 3 am Sunday night. That's why the post is a day late. I was just trying to make it yesterday. Thankfully, today has been WAY better and so far Anna has been spared of the nasty episode. Please pray she remains healthy!

So, not a lot of news, but here are some cute photos of our little Anna Rachel that I've taken recently.

This is one of her favorite toys she got for Christmas. Funny how it only appears when I'm making dinner.

Our little beauty!

Like Dada, she's a big cereal fan - especially of the ones that talk to her.

She's learned how to tip-toe from We're Going on a Bear Hunt. Sunday morning she "tow-towed" over to the window to watch the birds eat breakfast.

Mimi requires supervision as she bakes goodies to send to Dada for his birthday.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Vacuum woes

I remember posting a long way back about how Anna is afraid of the vacuum. It's gotten a lot better. She no longer loses her breath with terrified screams, but she's still a little hesitant around the thing, and probably for the same reasons I am.

1. It is excessively loud. I fear for our hearing.

2. I recently sucked up some sort of string that got wound round the carpet brush and a strong burning odor was emitted. Anna still remembers this and still makes the "Pshhhew!" exclamation when the Hoover comes out of the closet. It's so cute.

3. The On/Off button is broken and to turn it On/Off, you have to plug it in and unplug it, respectively. I think I learned in 6th grade that this is a safety hazard.

4. Today I noticed that the carpet brush doesn't actually rotate when the machine is on, but it will pick up some particles. This probably has something to do with Woe #2.

5. It also recently came apart in 2 pieces while I was using it. The bottom detached from the upright part when a bolt fell out. Dust blew everywhere. I put the bolt back in and it hasn't happened since.

Are these 5 reasons sufficient to get a new one? I'm a little hesitant, and a little cheap. We purchased the old Hoover 6 and a half years ago with wedding money, used it a year, then it had a 3-year hiatus while we were in Germany. It seems a replacement would be a little premature. However, since it's not functioning and is a little scary, it should probably be set on the curb tomorrow with the garbage can. Grammie, ready for a trip to the Oreck store?

Meanwhile, Anna's becoming a pro at housecleaning. Here she is posing with the Playskool Cool Crew vacuum that a friend let us borrow. Hers is way more fun than the Hoover, and probably gets more accomplished, too. If it really picked up dirt, it would definitely be ahead of the Hoover.

Friday, January 04, 2008

First Cold Press

I figure most of our blog readers don't subscribe to The Fayetteville Observer, our local paper, so I thought I'd share our day of fame here on the blog. Had I known yesterday that venturing downtown to the coffee shop in unusually cold weather was a newsworthy event I'd have bundled Anna up a little more for the photographer who was looking for the the kid from the Christmas Story. It wasn't that cold. I felt weird explaining to a new member of the FRG, whom we were meeting, that Anna and I don't normally have the press stopping us in the street.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2008 Will Be Greight!

How do I sum up the last 17 days without pictures? I know...some of you are going to think this story (excuse?) is unthinkable. Before I start, let me just say that it was actually really nice to just be in the moments and not watching them through the lens of my camera or video camera...and to be ready on a second's notice to prevent a minor catastrophe, such as someone having their gifts opened for them, or an entire table of food being dismantled by a toddler playing hide-n-seek under the tablecloth. You see, once we got a little more settled at Ghee's (that's Anna for Grammie), I thought I had forgotten my camera, as it was not surfacing in my luggage. I shrugged it off, thankful I at least had the video camera. Ironically, the camera appeared this evening as I was unpacking one of our bags. So it goes. So, many a magical holiday moment were missed by the Olympus, and most sadly, will be missed by DaDa. Mostly it was ok, for reasons stated above, but it sure would've been cool to have some permanent record of Ghee and Anna making a snowball, or of Anna helping Papa select the perfect "chee" (Anna for tree) in the Back 40, or of her playing with "Um Mama's" and "Um Dada's" (my grandparents)Beagle pups, or Uncle Michael dancing with his littlest niece, or of Anna excitedly, yet thoughtfully opening presents, tossing the contents aside and saying, "mo? mo?" and then helping her cousins Day-Doh (Jacob), Hee-Ha (Hannah), and Sam (Sam) open theirs, and standing on the sofa yesterday to watch the "So" (snow) fall with Hee-ee (Haley), just as Essa (Uncle Ezra) and I used to do. It also would've been great to have shots of Anna with all 4 of her great-grandparents, all her Mimi's cousins and their children (what would that make them to her?), and the many other joyous times we had with our wonderful family. I did get some cute video of Christmas morning at Nanny and Papa's house, the Childress Gingerbread House tradition, and the clip below. This is one of my favorite memories from the trip. Anna LOVES her Unt Mee-Mo (Aunt Mary) and maybe one day she'll follow in her footsteps and be a great piano virtuoso. I know you'll forgive me for this, Mims. Yur bootiful!! :-)

For now, it's getting back into real life. Real life is sweet, too. "Next year" has finally come and Dada will be home in a short 3 and a half months!