Monday, December 08, 2008

It's A Jolly Holiday with Grammie... wonder that it's Grammie that we love!

They could cast Grammie as the next Mary Poppins, upgrading her from a flying umbrella to a classy Monte Carlo. She arrived last Friday for the weekend with a bag full of fun, and I'm just now getting around to posting about it because someone in this household is in the midst of final exams/papers and I haven't had much computer time.

Grammie braved the blustery cold with us to see the National Christmas Tree on Friday and some plaid-clad, pipe and drum Scottish heritage parades in Old Town on Saturday - it warmed our McCallister/Keith blood to see our banners pass by. Anna loved it all, but was sad when her feet were numbed from the cold. We've since solved that by purchasing some warm snow boots, which I realized a few days ago look exactly like Napolean Dynamite moon boots. Even John pointed that out. They're blue and everything (or were his black?,) because they didn't have a size 7 in pink and my practical mind figured Little Brother will use them one day, too. I'll have to get a photo of her in them. Could've gotten one yesterday, but all she had on were her panties and moon boots. Pretty funny, but not appropriate for the blog.

Anyway...back to last weekend... I'll just post the photos that express the glee that resulted from Grammie's visit. An early Christmas treat for John and me was a nice outing all to ourselves! We had a yummy dinner at Clyde's in DC and then went to see Dickens' A Christmas Carol. It was a great show, followed by some strolling around downtown afterwards. I soon began to complain of numbness as well and we hopped on the Metro to come home.

So, some photos. Here's the National Christmas Tree and the White House decked out for the holidays. Sorry they're a little dark.

On Saturday morning Grammie helped us decorate the Christmas tree. Anna very meticulously put the little ornaments on the mini artificial tree Grammie gave us our first Christmas as man and wife.

A few days prior, we had gone over to the high school down the street to get our real tree. Anna picked out one for her room, and I think I heard her quoting Charlie Brown, saying, "I think it needs me." It's since been in her room, in a jar of water, with the paper angel she made at CBS standing next to it.

From the Saturday morning parade in Old Town Alexandria.

Does a nation REALLY need this much Starbucks?

Anna and Grammie made some yummy treats!

Here we are before our date! This is for you, JStar.

That about sums it up. Hope it's a jolly holiday time where you are, too!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


We returned Monday from a wonderful, joy-filled time at home again with family. This one says it all. John was even allowed to borrow Sam's tie for a while.

Anna's first race

She's still talking about "the yace." The chilly Thanksgiving morning found us downtown for the Drumstick Dash 5k. We know she was inspired; who wouldn't be when all you have to do is kick back in the stroller, munch a granola bar, and watch everyone walking and running with their dogs. Mommy and Daddy had it pretty easy, too. We just went for the scene and even found some friends there to walk along and chat with.

Advent with Anna

I was so excited about the arrival of Advent. It's a joy to experience this time through her eyes and anticipate what she may understand or grasp from it this year. I bought this Nativity Advent calendar on CBD and knew she'd be excited about it. Each pocket has a member of the cast and a patch of velcro that attaches it to the scene above. I'll have to take another photo after the 25th and see where everyone ended up. To make it more fun, I put 2 M&M's in each pocket. I should've known that would get her more excited than the figures. This was the best photo we could get because all she wanted to do was show off her treats.

All she wants for Christmas is...

1. All of her teeth! Yes! The long-awaited time has come. For over 2 years now, I've dreaded the arrival of more teeth, though with some relief that once they'd come we were closer to being done. Every few months has been a challenge as we'd face this trial with her, but Glory to God in the Highest, there will be a little more peace on our part of the Earth. Her last 2 molars are cutting their way in. I know more will come at, what is it, 6 and 12? Well, we could all use a break for a few years. The only problem now is, what will my new excuse be for her (thankfully seldom) bad days?

2. "I don't want a baby brudder; I just want a baby Jesus." Those were her words to me yesterday. What a sweet time this is.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Really Fun Weekend (and it could be yours!)

This past weekend, we were thrilled to host the Blank family (friends from Germany). Jeff is completing JAG training at UVA and the family was up to see him, so they all made it up to DC for a whirlwind tour. We love hosting friends here and John's great at giving a tour of the highlights, even if you don't have a lot of time. I'm better at showing cute shops and choosing yummy restaurants, Anna's great at sharing toys, so with all of us, you can't go wrong. I didn't get many (okay, any), great shots of the 3 cute girls together, but luckily Mandy is a way more coordinated Mommy than I am. Check out their blog for photos and the run-down of what we accomplished in just over 24 hours.

While I'm at it, I'll put in a plug for coming to see us. Just a reminder that we have lots of space and we love visitors! The holidays are coming, and I know people are busy, but if you have some time off you don't know what to do with, come on over! There's so much to do here that's free and pretty family-friendly.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Where do you blog from?

As I read your blogs (those of you who have them), I try to imagine where you're sitting and what's around you. It's also fun to hear your voices in my head as I read. So, I tag everyone. Take a photo of where you blog from and post it. Tell us about the place, what goes on in the background, what you should be doing instead, etc. If you're more 21st-century and have the lovely convenience of a laptop and wireless and can blog from anywhere in your house, take a shot of the most common place you blog. Since it's my idea, I'll go first. Our 6-year old desktop computer is down in our basement, which is actually a very nice basement. It's a multi-functional office, gym, laundry room, bedroom for naps and guests, and even has a cozy fireplace, which John built a fire in a week ago and smoked up the whole house. As I write this entry, I can hear Anna singing and talking herself to sleep over the intercom. John's behind me on the futon studying for a Microeconomics exam. Behind him is our "gym." It's really just an elliptical machine and a weight bench we just got off Craig's List. The elliptical is strategically positioned so that I can watch something online (usually from HGTV) while I exercise. Anyway, here's where I sit. This is our new desk and it's the first real desk we've owned. Enjoy it in it's virginal dust-free, not-yet-cluttered state.

For cuteness's sake, here's Anna getting ready to pump some iron.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Photos of Family Time

I can't believe almost a week has gone by since we returned from home and seeing family last weekend. We had such a great time and made more fun memories to tuck away. It was exciting to share the news of the forthcoming boy, as well. Anna was thrilled to attend another wedding and has been talking about it since. Last night at dinner she told me, "I'm going to have a wedding when I get bigger. And you can watch me dance with my Daddy." Okay, little girl, but Daddy and I are in no hurry!

Our first stop was at Granny Jeanne and Go Gran's for lunch, Nanny joined us, too. It's so special that Anna knows all her great-grandparents on Mommy's side.

The next day was my cousin Linden's wedding. I feel a little old because I can remember going to see her when she was born. I was 6. Isn't she lovely? (JStar, this is the girl I say you look like when your hair is straight, but her hair is curled in this, so you don't really look alike here.)

Anna had her cake on Papa's lap, commenting, "I just yike to eat the icing!"

Here are Papa's 3 girls. Though he hasn't admitted it, I know he's already scheming plans of hunting and fishing with the grandson.

We had a great day on Sunday with Grammie, Uncle Will, Aunt Mary, and the cousins, but this was the only shot I got of it. The kids were too busy playing (Grammie has some awesome play areas set up -- we like to call it Grammie University) and it's neat that Anna's arrived at the age where she can run off and really play with them. They are so sweet to her. Hooray for cousins everywhere we went (and the wonderful hand-me-downs they give us)!

We're so thankful for our big, wonderful family.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

It's time for some family time!

We haven't been home in 4 months and tomorrow we head to the prettier southwestern side of the state; out of the eye pollution of buildings, cars, and concrete and into the mountains in their fall glory. It can't come soon enough! I do enjoy city life, but I have this deep need to be near natural Creation, too.

My cousin is getting married on Saturday and we'll spend the rest of the weekend seeing family. Anna is so excited she's going to get to see grandparents, great-grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles...she even reminded me today of the "tractor and moos" that await at Nanny and Papa's house.

We'll be back on Monday. Hope everyone has a fun weekend!

Monday, November 03, 2008

It's A / Another


Isn't HE cute?!

Yep, it's a boy and definitely a boy! We're delighted. We're looking to trade in lots of pink stuff for lots of blue stuff if anyone's interested. Anna is also happy and doesn't seem bothered that it's not a baby sister.

Sunday, November 02, 2008


On a bit of a whim we headed to Bethesda Friday morning and joined about 80 squirmy elementary schoolers at Imagination Stage to watch Busytown - a theatrical production based on Richard Scarry's books. Anna's a fan of his books and was so excited to see some of her favorites in live action. Huckle Cat, Lowly Worm and Green Pickle Car kept her entertained for the entire show. Photos of the production weren't allowed, but you can check out the site to see a bit of the stage, props, and characters. It was really well done! Here's Anna before the show started:

We were blessed with a beautiful day on Friday. For once I had enough forethought to realize the show would be letting out around lunchtime. Before leaving I snagged some stuff from the cupboards figuring we could find a park or something nearby for a little picnic. It worked out great. After the show we headed over to Potomac Overlook Park in Arlington and enjoyed a tasty lunch in the warm sunshine, the fall colors gleaming all around. After eating we spent some time running about, then headed home for a nap.

Maybe we're just boring, getting old, or lazy, or subconsciously too sugar-conscious, or because we grew up in a box, but our Halloween wasn't much of an event. I ran out that afternoon to get some candy for anticipated trick-or-treaters. Anna had no clue of the holiday that pads the pockets of dentists, but at dinner we told her some children would be coming over in silly clothes asking for candy and she could help us give them some. That was enough to get her excited! A little later we were visited by Thomas the Tank Engine, Tinkerbell, Optimus Prime, Indiana Jones, and some others we couldn't identify.

I guess we started to feel a little sorry for the little girl happily giving out candy, but not receiving any (though I had grossly overestimated how many kids we'd have and still have a ton of candy). We decided a little trick-or-treating lite was in order. I ran upstairs and grabbed something to make an impromptu costume. There are no pictures, but donning a headband with big, yellow-glittery flower petals sticking out all over, I guess you could say Anna was a sunflower dressed in a striped fleece. We took her across the street to our neighbors' and she gave us some candy, we chatted a bit with her, then we came back home. That was that. Don't worry, our child is FAR from deprived, and really, it seems the more you make a big deal about something little, the more she seems to just enjoy the little things. We're pretty sure she went to bed happy, and really had no clue what she missed out on. Maybe next year we'll do better.

The rest of the weekend was as gorgeous as Friday and we got to spend it with friends new and old. We have much to be thankful for.

Check back tomorrow...we hope to have some news!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Baby Sister"

No, we haven't found out if #2 is a Percival or a Prunella. (But we hope to on Monday!) However, Anna is convinced she's getting a "baby sister." Oh, and the baby sister is in her tummy, too. I guess that means we're having 2 babies soon? Many times throughout the day she talks about her baby sister and finds toys for her, sets her an extra spoon at the table, etc. When asked what her baby sister's name will be, she answered, "Lena." The only way I can connect that one is we have a neighbor named Elena who is so sweet to Anna when we see her. So, with her invisible friends, Puddlewise and Puddlewash, words we had heard for months and months and finally realized they are "friends", and now her baby sister, Anna has quite the entourage. For now, they're a pretty quiet group, don't eat much real food, and don't take up much room or make too many messes....for now...

This past weekend, our friends Mike and Melissa came for a visit and got to hear all about these pastimes. Anna always loves seeing the MWC girls, and made herself right at home with them. The rain kept us from doing a lot, but it was so fun to have guests and catch up with them some. And Anna always loves having other people's ears to talk off and be entertained by. Here are some photos.

Reading on the couch with "Mike and Missa":

Ready to go, complete with boots and her "pack pack," but still in her jammies:

Thanks for coming!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our Sensible Little Girl

On Saturday we took the metro into DC to walk around the National Mall and maybe do a museum if we felt like it. We strolled through the Sculpture Garden. Once there I discovered my camera batteries were dead. Hence the links. Anna thought this was an "emaphant!" Pretty insightful, I thought. Daddy was amazed by Lichtenstein's house. It really is cool to walk past it and see how the dimensions "change" before you.

The funny part was a little further out into the Mall there was a merry-go-round. Now, going around in circles just doesn't appeal to me, but Daddy loves anything that goes and I thought for sure he'd sweep Anna off her feet and they'd be on it in a second. Anna approached it wide-eyed, stood there for a bit analyzing the other children and parents zipping around, then realized, "I'm still too yittle for dat." No batteries in the camera, anyway. Sensible little girl.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"You have a sick nose too?"

That's what Anna asked me yesterday as she heard me sniffling and blowing my nose. Yes, the germs of the season have come to our house. Last Friday Anna was hit with bilateral conjunctivitis (pink eye in both eyes). At least it gave us the chance to see her new pediatrician, who I think is really great. If only she could've come home with us to administer the ointment required for the icky eyes! I chuckled to myself as the young guy at the pharmacy window instructed me on how to put it in. "Hold her eye open and place a thin ribbon of ointment along the bottom eyelid." Hmm...

To make things more interesting and the nights more sleepless, the cold came to Anna Friday evening. This meant our plans to go see Amy Brown in Charlottesville on Saturday had to be altered. We decided it would be best for Anna to stay home and rest and not share the germs. Daddy was so kind to let me keep my plans with Amy, promising he'd tend to our little convalescent. Well, when you stay home with Daddy "to rest" that means you: take a nap on the couch after breakfast, then you go to the open house at the local fire station, eat popcorn, see fire trucks, go to the pumpkin patch, pick out not 1, but 3 pumpkins: "a big one and 2 baby punkins!", then end it all at McDonald's with a Happy Meal and washing Daddy's car at home. Who wouldn't want to get sick with Daddy around?!

The day away was my longest field trip from my family, but a very special time with Amy and her family. At one point I even forgot I was driving alone in the car and exclaimed, "Look, horsies!" as I wound my way through the hills of Albemarle County's farms. Oops. Here's one of Amy and me watching UVA beat ECU. Go Cavs!

We're still recovering from the colds. We hope to wake up all better tomorrow morning so we can go to watch our friend Chris be inducted into the FBI. Cool!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Baby Update

16-week check-up on Monday went well. The little ticker was ticking away and all is well. We hope to find out in early Nov. if we're expecting a Prunella or a Percival. Anybody wanna guess?

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We're Hearing Wedding Bells

Do you hear them? They're ringing up and down the east coast. Last weekend took us out to Hume, VA and the wedding of Erin (our dear Amy's sister) and Lucas. To Anna, weddings really just mean cake, dancing, and a pretty lady in a white dress. One day she'll see the need for a groom, but we can wait for that. Here are Anna and Mommy at Erin's wedding. She couldn't get enough Brie. I was tempted, but the beauty of the day and the joy of the occasion more than compensated for my abstinence from soft cheeses.

Sadly, I couldn't get any good shots of the lovely couple, but they were dazzling! Anna heartily enjoyed the cake, and then danced her pants off (literally). Amy was her favorite dance partner, and I had a cute photo of them, but my computer ate it somehow.

Just this past weekend our wedding tour took us to Cape Cod for Matt and Heather's tying of the knot. This was a very special trip, as Nate and Lynn accompanied us! Anna was in heaven! A wedding, plus more of her favorite the car with her for many hours! It just doesn't get much better. Here we all are before the ceremony.

Another radiant couple!

It didn't take much persuasion from our friend D. Bradley to take a little detour over to Nausset Beach before the reception. It was a cool, misty day, but we had fun checking out the cold water, sand, and big waves. Anna was a little surprised to see that New England beaches are nothing like what she remembers from Hawaii. "It's a yittle chillwy," was her summary.

We finally got around to the dancing part again. Oh boy! This time she coaxed Lynn and Nate out to the dance floor with her.

And then there was more good cake!

I love weddings. What a privelege to be invited to witness 2 people make a covenant to one another and to God. We'll have another in November (my cousin), and we'll keep practicing our dancing to be ready!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Off to the Zoo

Last Friday found us heading to the zoo with the Haines family. Getting to see friends AND going to the zoo is just about all it takes to make our Anna happy for a year. She was pumped!

Looking for pandas:

Posing with Marcus and his mommy (Mya was being shy):

Daddy helped her overcome her height limitations so she could spy on the elephants:

She was not a fan of the gorillas. She said,"Daddy, I don't like those monkeys. I don't want to look at them!" I thought they were funny. They look like little hairy old men.

We saw much, much more. Even a peacock, which brought back some traumatic memories of our trip to HI. I was amazed she remembered the "peacock who tried to get me!" She was also not impressed with the snakes, but she did enjoy the prairie dogs, the turtles, the pandas, and the elephants. We had 3 tuckered tykes by the time our adventure ended. I don't know why she's holding her nose in this photo. We were far enough away from the animals, and I doubt this fiber glass panda had much of a scent.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seven Years Later

I'm sure we all remember what we were doing the morning of 9/11/01 when we heard of the terrible events. I was teaching high school in southern Georgia and had to explain to the students what a terrorist (a word not used as much back then) is and what the Twin Towers actually were. They just could not fathom buildings tall enough for planes to fly into, much less why someone would intentionally do so.

Today as Anna and I zoomed along 395 around 9:30 am on our way to a play group, we passed the Pentagon and the site of the new memorial they were dedicating there this morning. I just thought, "Wow, what if I had been driving along here 7 years ago at this time on this date?"

Anna pointed at the tall trident-shaped structure and asked, "What's that?" Seven years later, my life having been directly affected by the War on Terror, I still can't really explain buildings being tall enough for planes to fly into, and why people would want to do that.

Baby Update and Finding Our Niche

I'm now at 12 weeks and finally got in to see the doctor last week. (Amazing how much more relaxed I am this time around!) All seems good and we got to hear the heartbeat! I'm also thankful that I have turned the corner this week and the nausea is just about gone. I also have more energy and the hormone-induced melancholy and mental fog are abating. I'm just feeling more like myself all around. Thank the Lord!

Perhaps it also helps that Anna and I are finding things to do and are getting out of the house more. Today we went to a play group with moms and kiddos from church. Yesterday was my first day of Community Bible Study. I think we're both really going to like that. Anna has her own class and brought home her folder where we'll keep her "work." It's neat because they actually have a curriculum for children, and it's not just baby-sitting.

So, there's a little more on our new life here. We're still figuring it all out, but that's part of the fun!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Grammie Came to Visit!

A week ago we had the privilege of hosting Grammie all weekend! It was wonderful to have the loving familiarity of family around and of course, Anna was going full tilt from the moment she arrived. She gave her a huge welcome with a very comprehensive tour of our house.

We had fun times on Friday going back to where Grammie grew up in Arlington. We ended the day with dinner in Old Town. Ahh...I love that place.

The next day Tropical Storm Hanna was pouring out her merciless rains, but we braved it anyway, and headed in to the National Gallery of Art and the MoMA. Anna was a great sport hanging out and taking in the Impressionists and others. What really drew us there was an exhibit called Afghan Treasures - an interesting display of ancient artifacts and precious items that had, until recently, been hidden in Kabul.

Perhaps the highlight of the weekend was making cookies with Grammie after her nap that day. Grammie brought up cookie mix, icing, sprinkles (!!) and fun cookie cutters shaped like leaves, acorns, etc.

The sprinkles were the best!!

She LOVES her Grammie!

When the rain cleared out we were able to get out and walk over to see "Hop Frog Pond." Fans of Little Bear can appreciate that we have our own version of such a place right here in our neighborhood. It's a random pond that's filled with croaking frogs.

Grammie had to leave the next morning, but we're looking forward to her next trip!

Monday, September 01, 2008

New Faces, New Places

I guess we're settled in, minus wall-hangings and some curtains for which we're still waiting to catch "a vision." A trip to Ikea last week gave us a few solutions. We're getting to know our surroundings, which hasn't been too hard since I swear my husband has an internal GPS and we were already somewhat familiar with this corner of the world. Boy, are there some fun things to do here!

1. We have a "new yibaree," or "library" to most. That was a fun field trip for Anna and Daddy last week when I was knocked out by a stomach bug. Those are never fun, but with being pregnant too, oh my....

2. We've discovered a large, lovely neighborhood behind our town home community that will be great for walks/runs. This is always important to our family.

3. There's a "new fwing", or "swing" at a nearby tot lot that we've visited a couple of times. No room in our backpatch for her own swing. Notice I didn't say "backyard." I'd offer some photos, but I just discovered our camera the other day and the batteries are dead. When fresh batteries turn up, photos will come.

4. We reconnected with friends Marvin and Michelle (John went to high school with them) and their 2 adorable kiddos Marcus and Mya on Friday. Anna really enjoyed her new friends.

5. We were also blessed to host Amy Brown on Saturday. Anna always loves seeing Amy, and so do we! We spent the evening in Old Town Alexandria. It's SO fun there and I can't believe I get to live so close to it. Come visit us, friends!!

6. Anna's learning the wonders of public transport. There's a metro station just a few minutes from our house. Lots of folks walk (it would be tricky with a stroller), or a bus that stops right next to our house can get you there, or you can drive, park and ride the train. John rides his bike there to catch the train to Georgetown.

7. We've also enjoyed trying a "new chuch." Anna's done great going to the nursery the 2 Sundays we've gone.

8. A new routine! We're still figuring out how day-to-day life will play out. One thing we know is John's schedule is something we're very happy with! He only has classes Tue.-Thu. That's right. 4-day weekends every weekend! I'm not sure we'll have this the whole time we're here, but we are thankful to have it this semester. Since he's only had 1 official day of real classes, it remains to be seen how demanding the academics will be and how much time will have to be devoted to school outside of the classroom. Either way, we're just happy he's with us!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

School Days

This morning we dropped Daddy off at the metro station before we headed off for a grocery trip. The following conversation took place soon after we drove away.

Anna: Where's Daddy's train go?
Me: Daddy's train takes him to school.
Anna: I wanna go to school too!
Me: You'll go to school when you get bigger.
(A short pause)
Anna: I think I'm a little bigger now!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Making Do

We've arrived in Alexandria and it's nice to be back in our home state. I guess Anna is no longer a sweet "carolina girl," but it would be too tricky to change that now, so I guess our blog address will remain "sweet carolanna girl."

Anyway, we like our new house a lot. We have ample space that we have a lot of options for and I'm wishing I had some home organizational/decorating skills. The truck comes tomorrow with our stuff. Yeah, on a Sunday. Weird. We've been happy living simply with our requisite computer and internet running today (priorities!), air mattress, camp chairs, and plastic ware, but it will be nice to have our familiar comforts. Anna has been great and enjoyed the few days we stayed with our friends, the Gigrich's. They have 4 boys - 7, 5, and twin 2-year a dog, so there was fun all over that house!

We've met some neighbors and they seem nice. Of course, we'll always prefer familiar faces, so make plans to come see us. Plenty of room for guests!

Here's a photo of Anna yesterday morning with her breakfast. We put her little booster chair on top of a foot locker so she could reach her TV table. Perfect.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Cloud is Moving

"Whenever the cloud lifted from above the Tent, the Israelites set out; wherever the cloud settled, the Israelites encamped. At the Lord's command the Israelites set out, and at his command they encamped. As long as the cloud stayed over the tabernacle, they remained in camp. When the cloud remained over the tabernacle a long time, the Israelites obeyed the Lord's order and did not set out. Sometimes the cloud was over the tabernacle only a few days; at the Lord's command they would encamp, and then at his command they would set out. Sometimes the cloud stayed only from evening till morning, and when it lifted in the morning, they set out. Whether by day or by night, whenever the cloud lifted, they set out. Whether the cloud stayed over the tabernacle for days or a month or a year, the Israelites would remain in camp and not set out; but when it lifted, they would set out. At the Lord's command they encamped, and at the Lord's command they set out. They obeyed the Lord's order, in accordance with his command through Moses." Numbers 9:17-23

These words were read at our wedding and for the last seven years have proven to be a picture of our life. This fifth move is a physical reminder that we're all on a pilgrimage . Each place has marked season of our lives. Well, it's time for a new season and one we're excited about! Many of you already know that John will be studying at Georgetown University for the next 2 years, pursuing a Master's in Public Policy. We're looking forward to living in the DC area, as we have many friends there and we will be taking advantage of all there is to see and do. Our new address will be forthcoming soon by email.

I'm always thankful the Army pays for these moves, but there is still always a lot of sorting and organizing to be done, neither of which are my natural tendencies! Today John braved the Afghan-hot attic and brought all that stuff down. We're hopeful everything will fit into the surprisingly spacious town home we're renting. Yes, enough room for guests! So, come visit!

Anna's aware of the move and is excited about her "new, clean house!" Somehow she's taken on the notion that this one is her "old, dirty house." It's true that at 7 weeks' pregnant I haven't kept up with my cleaning as much as I'd like, but I still wouldn't say it's "dirty" around here. Yes, that's right. A sibling's on the way! We're delighted, but it's a lot to face a move when you're feeling nauseous and tired. We'd welcome your prayers!

Meanwhile, we're in the process of saying good-bye to friends here. We're praying for peace for our little girl's heart as she'll soon realize we're not returning to the familiar surroundings of our home, church, and friends' homes. Here's a photo of her hugging Iona, one of her friends from church that we got to play with on Tuesday.

We're also thankful that someone else's cloud is settling over our home here. A nice family from Denver will rent our house as soon as we move out. God always provides! We look forward to seeing just how He'll provide again as we settle into a new life.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Second-hand toys

Isn't it great to have friends pass down their toys (and clothes)?? The Humphrey girls have graduated from their kitchen and thought Anna would get some more fun out of it. We're so glad they thought of us! Anna's been cheffing it up in there, creating pizzas, pancakes, ice cream and all kinds of other yummies.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Overheard this morning...

Daddy was helping Anna get dressed in her room this morning:

Daddy: Hey Anna, wanna wrestle?
Anna: Yeah.
Daddy: OK, try to push me over....whoa....


Monday, July 28, 2008

Change of Command

Last Wednesday Daddy gave over command of Charlie Co., 1-508. After 2 years at this job, it was a little bittersweet to have all we've done here come to an end. We were blessed to have family come and share the day. All our parents, plus my niece, and some friends from church were in attendance.

We onlookers were thankful for some shade in the sweltering heat, even with the fire ants nibbling our fashionably exposed toes.

Daddy made us proud with his brief, yet meaningful speech.

This day was our last major event here at Bragg. We're excited about what's next for us, but I'll have to save that for another day. Nap time will soon end!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Back to Real Life

Nothing lasts forever, and vacations seem to always end sooner than we'd like. Daddy went back to work last Monday and is working long days in preparation for his change of command next week. Anna and I have had a week at home trying to find fun things to do.

We had Eli over a couple days. What a sweet boy!

She had an unfortunate collision with the car door after church last Sunday.

One afternoon we went through some boxes in her closet to take stock of what hand-me-downs we have to grow into. She chose to try these on and we pretended she was Jemima Puddle-Duck "wearing her shawl and poke bonnet."

Then she tumbled out of her laundry basket.

What is everyone else doing on these long, hot summer days?