Monday, December 17, 2007

Happy at Grammie's House

We're keeping the road hot! Anna's 21 Month Day on Friday found her in Raleigh with my dear friends and Anna's surrogate aunties Amy and Suzanne. They spoiled her rotten giving her treats and buying her toys! They both seem to have the magic touch and know how to make her smile. They'll both be wonderful mommies and Amy will be the pediatrician all the kids wish they could go to. Sorry, no photos. We were too busy going to the mall, chasing Anna, cooking yummy food, and watching cozy movies on the Hallmark chanel.

We returned home yesterday and today unpacked, repacked, took Mr. E to kitty camp, and pointed Saabi in the wind towards Roanoke. We arrived safely at Grammie's this evening with lots of smiles and excitement. Grammie's house has lots of toys and many things that make a toddler happy. Anna's already been inquiring where her cousin Sam is. They'll get plenty of time to play over the next 2 weeks we're here. Hooray for family! Hooray for Christmas! Thank the Lord I have such a flexible child who's just always happy to go wherever the wind takes us...and goes to bed so easily once we get thre!

Merry Christmas to you all!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sunday, December 02, 2007


Dada arrived home for R&R the day before Thanksgiving. What a blessing! As expected, Anna was a bit timid at first, but warmed right up to him after just a few moments. Our Thanksgiving was wonderful. Aunt Mary and family came down to celebrate with us for the day. See photos of John in Jim Golby's favorite sweater and our happy day here

Never ones to sit around when great traveling opportunities present themselves, the next day we headed down to the Caribbean to kick back on an island in the sun. Anna was proud to get her first passport stamp when we arrived on St. Martin and again the next day on St. Barthélemy where we stayed all of last week. St. Barth's is beautiful and fabulous. Think euro-calypso-Mediterranean with a little glitzy-glam thrown in et voilà! 8 square miles of pure fun! No trip is complete without its (mis)adventures, though. Our passports nearly escaped us twice, the driving on the island is a perpetual grand prix, and I experienced my first one of these. Yikes! John also managed to keep all the mosquitoes on the island fed with his sweetness. I've never seen skeeters swarm a body the way they do John.

But anyway, when we weren't feeding mosquitoes, tracking down passports and surviving earthquakes, we had a blast! Anna LOVED the sea and the waves and the sand. Dada was more than happy to oblige and keep her laughing and squealing while I enjoyed some quiet moments on the beach enjoying my little family and praying her 50 SPF sunscreen would hold up. I know...I'm ridiculous!

Here are a few photos. First, of Anna in the Charlotte airport Friday morning. She was so pumped about getting to go, "up, up, up!" I'm so thankful she's really a great air passenger, all things considered.

The view from the front yard of our rented villa, as they call them. It sounds much more opulent than it was. But it was really a lovely, comfortable little house with cool contemporary decor.

And here's Anna and Dada by the pool. The pool wasn't her favorite. She much preferred the more dramatic action of the sand and waves. Our photos don't really do the job; only video can truly demonstrate Anna's joy and excitement for the sea. I'll try to post that later.

One of our favorite things was our morning walk. Where else in the world does a few minutes' walk on a gorgeous beach take you to a pâtisserie where a tasty breakfast of baguette and pastries await? Truly a slice of heaven!

The island life suits us just fine.

It suits our luggage even more. We're still awaiting its arrival. Good thing we don't need our shorts and swimsuits in Fayetteville. This week we'll be enjoying more Dada time and it looks like Christmas will come early to this house. More photos and video to follow.