Sunday, November 18, 2007

Would you like more onions?

Those are words I NEVER imagined I'd be saying to my toddler. But it was just so strange/funny, and I have no one to tell, so I'm telling all. Tonight for dinner I got out my leftover Greek salad from Sammio's I had had today for lunch after church. Anna had enjoyed her fries and chicken fingers. The thought of offering her any other component of my Greek salad, besides cucumbers, (she LOVES 'em!) never occurred to me. But tonight at dinner her eyes drifted from her bowl of chicken and rice over to my styrofoam salad container. I tossed a pile of thin red onion rings aside. I really can only manage one bite of raw onion in a sitting. She eyed them. She pointed at them, and said, "Mmm?" That means she wants what she's looking at. I chuckled and thought, "why not?" So I gave her a sliver of red onion. She munched on it bit by bit till it was gone. And then grinned. So I asked her the question. She nodded and sure enough, ate more of those onions. Then she spotted the green peppers. And the olives. And the feta. She liked all of it! Maybe it's her Armenian roots coming through. Grammie will be proud!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Recap of Recent Fun

I've had a few subtle requests lately for some updates. I hope this will do. I've been meaning to post something all week, but somehow the time just gets away. We've been busy, but not too extraordinarily busy. We had a great time last weekend with the Spahrs who stopped by on their way to SC. The girls were so cute together, but having 2 Annas in the house did create a little confusion. That's OK. They still had fun. Here's evidence.

We also enjoyed a mini Schweinfurt reunion last Saturday evening when the Humphreys and the Mikkelsons came over for dinner. It was quite the scene of activity in our house, but so fun! Sorry, didn't get any photos of that one. No, I haven't improved.

Other than that, it's been life as usual. That will change in a few days with John's arrival for R&R! Anna's pumped. We've been talking about it all week. Yesterday she reminded me of her excitement when I was talking with a friend about R&R and Anna piped in with an enthusiastic, "Dada home!" We're working on our "Gobble Gobble." He should get here in time for Thanksgiving. We'll have so much thanks to give, indeed!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Dinner Table Confessions

Lately the dinner table has been a battlefield for Anna and Mimi (Anna for "Mommy"). Several factors contribute to these conflicts and I'm working on them and praying for wisdom, but last night we had quite the go 'round. She refused to eat her pizza. Even just one bite. Who doesn't love some pizza for dinner? Suddenly, in the middle of her fit and crying, she stopped, looked at me with very serious, melty eyes and quietly said, "I unt DaDa." (Anna for, "I want DaDa.") She had me there. I confess that I wanted him at that moment too.

But isn't it amazing how one sweet moment can redeem a multitude of sour ones? I snapped this photo of an unsuspecting little girl "reading" to herself this morning in her room.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Maybe Next Year

Since she wouldn't tell me her choice, I decided Anna should be a box of Cheerios for Halloween. The girl keeps General Mills in business, so it seemed like a natural choice. And she would be an adorable advertisement! But when I attempted to put her costume on her, she shared her opinion with one small, yet poignant word: "Nooooo!" That's Anna for "no," and she uses it a lot lately. With some encouragement she still refused. I even put it on myself to show her it was ok. We went outside and talked to the little girl next door who was in her Batgirl costume to assure her costumes were safe. My followed attempts were still met with, "Nooooo!" I relented. I guess she's still a little too young to get into it, but old enough to have an opinion. Well, that didn't keep us from having a good time. Our church had an All Hallows Eve Extravaganza. The words "Hallows" and "Extravaganza" in the same phrase seem odd, but it was fun and no one cared that Anna was just wearing her pj's. She didn't either; she got candy just the same.

So, here's a picture of her costume by itself, not filled up with a cute toddler. Part of her angst was probably due to the Cheerios that were glued on that she couldn't pick up and eat, though I think she did manage to coax off a few. Oh well, Elmer's glue is non-toxic, right?

And here's a photo of Anna just being Anna, NOT a box of Cheerios.