Monday, September 24, 2007

18 Month Stats

Here they are:

Weight: 21 lbs, 3 oz. I know...even after all the pork 'n beans she ate all summer. Her doc gave a round of applause when she told us Anna's finally in the 10th percentile!

Height: 32 inches Just over the 50th percentile.

She's a tiny girl who is larger than life! The 2024 Summer Olympics are looking more and more like a possibility.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Falling into Fall

Tomorrow's the first day of fall (wouldn't know it by the heat that returned), and Anna decided to mark the weekend with her own celebration. This morning we were playing in the living room and she was sitting in the chair-and-a-half and somehow just tumbled off and landed on her head, biting her tongue on her touchdown. Ouch! I scooped her up and wiped away tears and blood for a few minutes. Rosie came to the rescue and made everything better. Nothing major, just a bump on the head and a sore tongue. It's always something!

We ended the day today with a fun dinner at the Humphrey's and some of the Mikkelsons joined us, too.

I know...I really need to get on with the photo-taking and post some cute ones of the little girl. I'll get there...I promise!

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Happy Birthday, to you!
Happy Birthday, to you!
Happy Birthday, Auntie Mary
Happy Birthday, to you!

Wish we could celebrate together today! We miss you and love you!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Recent Blessings

Whew! I've just been tossed into my desk chair after a whirlwind of activity since our last post.
Our time in VA Beach last weekend was awesome. The wedding was beautiful and all its attendant festivities were a blast. Here we are...10 years after meeting freshman year in Virginia Hall at MWC. I'd post a "then and now" photo, but I did not have a digital camera in 1997. Yikes! Are we getting old? Don't answer that...

Here's Anna enjoying lunch by the pool with Eliana. Anna was thrilled to get to stay with Eliana again and have free access to the pool. I think they and Robertson and Aiden had secret pool parties when the parents were enjoying wedding festivities.

Here's the MWC gang! We've multiplied...a lot!

And this is the coolest wedding exit I've ever seen!

The day after the wedding, Anna and I headed to the mountains for some time with the family. No surprise, I didn't get one photo. I did learn a lesson, however. Never give your child 2 big cups to drink and then drive 4 hours without stopping. If you do, carry a goodly-sized beach towel in your car to mop up the resulting pond you will have in your backseat. This lesson will probably be more valuable than a photo. Our time in Fincastle/Roanoke was great. Anna got to meet her Great Aunt Margie and see Great Aunt Freddie again, plus all the grandparents, great-grandparents and cousins. Yep, all that in 2 days.

We returned here last Tue. and have been going non-stop since. It's been a blast! Anna welcomed Grammie's visit for her 18-month day (another month has passed?!) on Friday and we had a grand time. Grammie helped us celebrate with ice cream at DQ, took us downtown for lunch on Sat., and for a trip to Target and a yummy dinner at Sweet Georgia Brown's Sat. night. Since she left, Anna hasn't stopped asking for "Ghee" (sorry Mom!). And, of course, I have no blog-worthy photos to post. I promise to do better!

The coming days look to be a little quieter. We're soaking up this cooler weather and staying outside as much as we can.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Few Things

Anna and I are preparing to go off gallivanting again, but I just wanted to put a couple of things on here that I feel like sharing with the world. Tomorrow we leave for Virginia Beach to celebrate the wedding of our beautiful friend Melissa (see her blog on the right.) We're so excited for her and Mike to start their new life together! Here are the things we've been excited about the last few days, in no particular order.

1. Anna's got a new way to roll! Yes, at 17.5 months I FINALLY turned her facing forward in her car seat! She's always been so little, and I just wanted to be sure. I wish I had photos, but remember, this is me. I always forget my camera. So thankful for the firemen who helped me install the big girl car seat correctly. It was so cute to hear her saying, "Weeeee!" the first time we drove and she got to see the world passing by in the right direction.

2. Anna went to her first Story Hour at the library yesterday! I've looked forward to this since before she was born, and finally decided she is now old enough. Our local library has a Tots & Tales program for ages 12-24 months and it was 25 minutes of stories, puppets, music, and fun. I think I enjoyed it more than she did. She just wanted to walk around and say "Hiiii" to all her new friends.

3. Anna pee pee'd on the potty today! I know...I'm totally not ready for this! Maybe it was just a fluke, but, I don't know...

4. We're officially half-way through the deployment!! WOO HOO!!! According to the Donut of Misery, we have a mere 226.03 days to go! On a side note, don't bother checking Daddy's blog. He's been moving around a lot and is now in a remote area and they've just set up a new FOB. Who knows when he'll get back to Kandahar and luxuries of the modern age. It's pretty sad when you're on the phone and you're husband says, "Sorry, I've gotta go. They're about to turn off the generator."

So that's our exciting life. We think it's a pretty sweet life, though. Sorry I don't have more photos, Mrs. Huse. I'll work on that, I promise!