Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Backyard Fun

Often people ask, "So, what do you guys do?" Well, we spend A LOT of time in the backyard. Here's a list of things you can do in our backyard.

1. Dig in the dirt.

2. Throw, roll, and fetch a big purple ball.

3. Get stung by bees. This resulted in a lot of freaking out and therefore was not photographed. This activity is not recommended, but thankfully, now we know she's not allergic. And, I know a great remedy. Call me if you ever need it. I've also annihilated the bees. There goes our balanced ecosystem!

4. Play in our new sand table with friends who've come from afar. Thanks for coming yesterday, "G" girls! The sand table is a wonderful, mommy-friendly alternative to activity #1.

5. Care for the heat-stricken posies.

And so much more!

Anna would also like to publicly announce the arrival of her new friend. Joshua Andrew Toth made a very speedy arrival into the world (much to Kristen's relief)last night at 12:04 am. Anna and Caleb will be baby-sitting Thursday night while we parents go out for a break. I didn't get photos of him when I went to visit this morning, but I'm sure Mama and Dada will see to that very soon.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Has anyone missed us?

It's been a while since I posted because Anna and I took an impromptu trip to VA this past week. We just can't let too much grass grow under our feet. We left last Sunday and returned today. It was great to be home and with family again. Anna loves being on the farm at Granny and Pa Pa's house. We were outside pretty much all the time getting dirty and running around. She learned how to moo! We also got some great times with her great-grandparents, Grammie and Aunt Mary and the cousins. Hooray for summer! We don't want it to end!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Call me Columbo

Tonight I was making dinner and heard a suspicious rustling sound in the dining room, followed by little feet scampering away.

I walked into the dining room from the kitchen to find this mess of what used to be the insides of a gift basket - paper grass and packing peanuts.

Now who could've done that? The cat or the baby? They are both nosy and like to make messes. They both make scampering noises. When I finally caught up with the tot I had my answer. She wouldn't make a good criminal. I think that's okay.

It was a mess, but who could get upset with this little face looking up at you?

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Home again, home again

Well, another successful trip is under our belt and filling up our photo memory books. Anna and I had a wonderful and fun-filled time in Philadelphia with Nate and Lynn and then a good weekend in Raleigh with Suzanne and Aaron in their lovely new home! Here's a quick photo recap of our time in Philly. Upon arrival to their cozy appartment, Anna was due for a snack (actually, she's always due for a snack!)

The next day we explored the amazing park near their home and Anna got to feed the ducks, or rather, steal the ducks' food. Again, another snack was in demand.

On Sunday we got to visit Pilgrim Church and meet some of Lynn and Nate's good friends. Later, we took a walk to a nearby playground and toddled around there a bit. The rocks in Philly are just as tempting as the ones here in North Carolina. Anna took a little spill on this walk and got her first scraped knee. We actually caught it on video to share with her down the road.

The week also brought many "firsts" for Anna. She got to visit a zoo. Did you all know Philadelphia is home to America's first zoo? Back then farms didn't count. We had perfect weather for seeing elephants, cheetahs and other cats even larger than Mr. E, monkeys, all sorts of birds, otters, huge turtles, rhinos, giraffes, gazelles, and many more descendants of days in the ark. Anna made her animal noises where appropriate and showed us how big the giraffes were.

Anna also enjoyed her first Philly cheesesteak from Chubby's. Yum! She's a fan. We later had a trademark Carlson peach milkshake. The zoo, Chubby's, peach milkshakes! What a great day!

We kicked off the 4th of July with a morning hike. Anna was a great sport, but obviously, was pretty worn out by the end. It's tough being carried for 4 miles.

And later in the day, we realized our 4th of July wouldn't be so loud and sparkly as the rain and the reality of an early wake-up the following day to catch a flight set in. So, we had our own fun watching Anna draw smiles as we strolled around and dined in Manyunk. Did I spell that right? That was a really fun place!

And finally, the Carlsons' enthusiasm for healthy teeth and gums has been passed on to their goddaughter.

Sunday, July 01, 2007