Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Grammie's Visit (a summary)

Well, being my usual self, I failed to get good photos of Grammie's visit this past weekend. At least she got some good ones and I guess that's all that matters since I get to stare at this little face every day. (And it's very cute)

We had a great time together. Some highlights were a trip to the library, dinner at Logan's, and a jaunt around the Cape Fear Botanical Gardens in less than comfortable high temperatures. Thankfully, there was lots of good shade. Grammie also bought us some lovely geraniums to grace our front porch steps.

Anna loved seeing her Grammie and the new little friend she brought her - a fluffy stuffed cat we've named Mrs. E. She doesn't eat or shed as much as her counterpart, Mr. E...but who does??

So as we sweat out this heatwave we'll also enjoy a new wave of visitors. Granny and Pa Pa are coming this weekend and next week we'll be looking for Granny Jeanne and Go Gran. We like the visitors better!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Just a normal week

It's been a pretty low-key week compared to the busyness of last week. Somehow, though, we've already reached Thursday and are quickly closing in on Friday. Another week down! Wow! We've gotten to talk to Daddy nearly every day lately and even got the webcams to work. It was really fun to see him. Anna just grinned and then got mad because she didn't want to sit still and not be allowed to type. Mr. E even got some face time.

Here are some photos of our "normal" week. The week will have a great ending with a visit from Grammie Sat - Mon. We do love visitors. Have I mentioned that?

Here's Anna on Monday just before a bath. It was much needed after consuming a lot of yummy fresh strawberries.

And here she is today in the backyard helping me do some weeding. Maybe I should just let this never-ending drought take care of them!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

4 Months Down = 27% Done!

Or, if you want to break it up in more specific terms:

4.03 Months
17.28 Weeks
120.98 Days
2,903.48 Hours
174,209.01 Minutes
10,452,540.51 Seconds
$423.42 Per Diem
$1,007.75 Family Separation

To Go
11.17 Months
47.86 Weeks
335.02 Days
8,040.52 Hours
482,430.99 Minutes
28,945,859.49 Seconds

Looks like Anna and I still have plenty of time together to smile, learn to walk, giggle, blow bubbles, eat pudding, take walks, play peek-a-boo, go on airplanes, make animal sounds, pull up grass, pray to Jesus, swing, learn new words, roll the ball, play with friends, sniff flowers, hug Mr. E, dance, tear paper, get dirty, say, "Hiiiiiii" to strangers, reorganize the kitchen drawers, read books, and whatever else comes along! We miss you, Daddy!

(figures courtesy of the Donut of Misery)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Papa's Got a Brand New Blog!

Check it out! John/Daddy started up a blog so everyone can read about his adventures in the Ghan. His posts will be sporadic, as he goes away from their base in Kandahar for undetermined lengths of time, but it's pretty fun to have another blog in the family.

A Happy Mother's Day

Today was my second Mother's Day as a mother. It's still weird to me that I am now counted among the millions of women who reap accolades, flowers, and various gifts on this day. Not that I'm not daily reminded of the fact that I'm a mom; my little 7:00 am wake-up call does a good job of that. I guess I just don't think about it in such definitive terms. I remember as a kid asking my mom on Mothers Days how come there wasn't a Kids Day. She'd always respond, "Every day is Kids Day." Now I know how true that is!

But today was a sweet day. With John gone I knew it would be a little lacking, but he and Aunt Mary coordinated the delivery of the most beautiful batch of roses and he was able to call twice. I was also blessed with sweet phone calls and cards from wonderful friends and family and my dear neighbors made sure we got yummy dessert this evening. Thanks, guys! So, maybe I didn't get to sleep in or have breakfast in bed, but I got to enjoy the cutest little girl in the world, and isn't that what Mother's Day is about, really? Here are some photos from the day.

First, the lovely roses.

Anna and me at church this morning. She was sporting her "I heart Mum" shirt to declare her love for me.

And Anna just being cute.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Photos from our trip

Here are the photos from our trip so that you all can see a little of our adventure and the people and places we saw.

Here's one of Anna the day before we left for Texas, playing in Granny and Pa Pa's yard.

This is Anna and her Auntie Faith in Ft. Hood, Texas.

This is Uncle Mike and Aunt Faith's happy Beagle, and Anna's new best friend, Abby.

And here's Anna with Uncle Mike. Doesn't he look like someone else we know and love?

Grammie fixed Anna a bath each night to sooth her roseola rash. Good times.

We also got to see our friend Jen and her girls, Hannah and Sarah. Jen and I go way back to IOBC days at Ft. Benning. Her husband Lance is currently serving in Iraq with the 1st Cavalry Div.

And finally, here's Anna back in VA with her cousin Sam. They're quite a pair!

Hope you all enjoyed this little photo summary of our adventure. Can't wait for the next one!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Hooray for home(s)!

Anna and I arrived back to our little home in NC today after 2 weeks of being away. Thanks for all your prayers for Anna while she was sick. She had recovered by the end of our trip in TX, and I was so thankful she could travel back to VA all recovered with no fever and no itchy rash. Last week in Fincastle was really nice and we had good times with all the family. I couldn't get enough of that fresh air and the mountain views! As much as we move around and travel, I always love spending time back there in my roots. Photos will appear as soon as I dig out the camera from the luggage and manage to get around to putting them up.

The Little Bear has proved to be a great traveler. She did pretty well on the flights to and from TX, with only a few rough moments. She also did great today on the drive back to NC. All we need is Kitty or Rosy (her interchangeable lovies)...and lots of snacks...and a few stops here and there...oh, and her favorite playlist going on the iPod. And don't forget lots of toys when none of those others will do. That may sound sort of complicated, but it's not. I require most of those things, too.