Saturday, April 28, 2007

An Anna Update

We went to Anna's appointment with the pediatrician yesterday and I'm so thankful we did. Her fever was a little better Fri. morning, but as we were waiting in the pediatric clinic I noticed curious little red bumps popping up on Anna's tummy. The pediatrician we saw was GREAT! She told us that more tests were not necessary and examined the red bumps. She told us it was a viral rash and if her fever were to break soon and the rash became more significant, it would mean Anna has roseola. So, we went home and guess what happened. After 4 days the fever finally broke and Anna began looking more and more like a little speckled Easter egg. So, roseola it is. I have NO idea where she picked this up, but thankfully, it's just a little kid virus and none of us are susceptible to it. The rash doesn't seem to bother her except on her noggin. We gave her some Benedryl this morning and we'll see if that helps.

One thing I did learn from this pediatrician is that it's not a good idea to alternate doses of Tylenol and Motrin. She said a study was done 3 years ago that showed it may cause kidney damage. So, she just said to pick one and stick with it and don't give both. All the other doctors had told us to give both, so, like everything else, you just have to trust the Lord and do what seems wise.

As for me, I'm SO thankful for all the help my family has given. This would've been very difficult if I was at home doing this alone. Although it has put a damper on our trip and we've had to alter our plans and lose some sleep, I'm grateful for my loving family! Thanks everyone!

As for Anna, she's trying to be a good sport despite her discomfort. She's a real trooper! She can't get enough of Texas and Abby, the happy Beagle.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Texas Fever

We've really been enjoying our 4 days we've had here so far in Texas. Unfortunately, a significant portion of our time has been spent in the ER at Darnall Army Hospital. Not the trip we'd had in mind. Monday night Anna developed a fever and after a rough night Tue. night we took her in Wed. morning with a temp. over 103. After some traumatic-for-Anna tests they determined she has neither pneumonia nor a UTI. So, lacking any other telling symptoms, they decided it's just some sort of virus that will go away in a few days. We were given instructions to keep giving plenty of Motrin and Tylenol. So, we did and she seemed a bit perkier throughout the day yesterday, until about 4 am this morning when she let me know she wasn't feeling so well again. This time her fever was 104.4. That was scary, so back to the ER we went! The doctor we first saw wanted to repeat the same tests from the previous day (we were not excited about that). Thankfully that doc was soon replaced with a more awake and rational doc who was fresh on her morning shift. She said more tests won't be necessary, unless other symptoms come up and to continue giving Motrin and Tylenol. So, we are. She also gave us an appt. with a pediatrician in the morning. We'll see what comes of that.

What I really think is that Anna is just so overcome with love for Texas that she just can't express it any other way. She has thouroughly enjoyed cruising around Uncle Mike and Auntie Faith's coffee table and, despite her yuckies, manages to keep playing with Abby, the happy Beagle, a top priority.

Other than ask you all to pray for the little girl, I also wanted to share some newfound knowledge: Dosages for Infant Tylenol and Motrin ARE NOT THE SAME as for Children's Tylenol and Motrin! Be sure to clarify with the dr. which type they want you to give when they tell you a dosage. We OD'd Anna last night on the infant forms of both, as the children's formula's call for a higher dosage. Oops! Thankfully, this had no negative effects, and obviously, didn't contain the fever as one would imagine 3/4 t. of concentrated Tylenol AND Motrin would!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

So where are we going?




Yep, here we come, Lone Star State!

Saturday Anna Bear and I will rustle up our boots and hats and head up to VA and then Mon. we'll fly out to Killeen/Ft. Hood with Grammie to visit Uncle Mikey and Auntie Faith. Yeah, Ft. Hood is probably not the exotic destination you all had imagined, but at least we'll get some good family time and see what that part of the country has to offer. I've heard Austin is pretty cool and I'm excited about our field trip there. This will be Bear's second time flying, but she's much older than last time (11 weeks), so, anybody have any tips for flying with a 13-month-old?

We are very excited about this adventure. When we return from TX we'll spend a few days with Granny and Pa pa in good 'ol Fincastle, then return here May 4 with lots of photos to share.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Outings with Anna

May I brag?

I know I have a cute daughter, but many strangers make similar assertions when we're out and about town. Maybe it's because we live in the South and people here just tend to be nice and friendly. Here are some recent scenarios to explain, but it happens just about everywhere we go.

Last night Anna and I had dinner at On the Border with one of the wives from our company. Anna made quick friends with everyone around our table - mostly men. There was a table of 3 middle-aged men and she kept cackling at them to get their attention and then would babble away at them as if telling them something very intriguing. There was also another guy sitting near us with whom she played peek-a-boo between bites of her beans and rice.

Then today whilst we were making a purchase at Barnes & Noble, she gave the young male cashier her darling smile and blinked her big, beautiful eyes. Immediately he said, "Aren't you beautiful?! She's the prettiest baby I've ever seen! Look at those eyes!" She is not shy with men! I don't know where this came from, but I think we'll have to be careful in about 16 years. Hopefully by then Daddy will be around a lot more to referee and keep those boys at bay. Until then, I'm praying she's this charming next week on our flights to......keep guessing, friends!

On a different topic, may I also recommend a book? Lately I've been reading The Mystery of Children: What Our Kids Teach Us About Childlike Faith.
Though I've found some of Mason's ideas a bit whimsical, they are worth a ponder. If nothing else, it's a break from all the other parenting books we new mommies take way too seriously.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Easter Fun!

We had a great Easter...much better than last year when Anna, then 6 weeks old, screamed all day. But at least we had Daddy with us. Here's a little photo of that memory. I wouldn't have survived that day, and many others like it, without him. Doesn't Daddy look so happy holding his little bitty?

So, we didn't have Daddy last Sunday, but we did have Granny Jeanne and Go Gran - Anna's great-grandparents (my maternal grandparents) and we had such a great time! They couldn't get enough of the little girl and stayed till yesterday, leaving our yard in much better shape than when they arrived with the addition of some treasures from their gardens, and a freshly mowed lawn. (See why we love visitors so much?)

Here are some photos from our chilly Easter Sunday.

"Excuse me while I take this call..."

"Hi, Granny Jeanne!"

No more visitors planned for a while, though they're always welcome! Instead, Anna and I will soon be taking off on an adventure of our own. Would anyone like to guess where we're going?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Madness of March

Click here to see the large batch of photos from last month on Snapfish.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Anna Being Anna

Well, I'm not so tired tonight, so I decided I'd post and a special family member has requested some photos, so I'll try that, too. I also heard from Daddy tonight (it had been 4 weeks), so I'm in a good mood. He's doing well, by the way. Anyway, here are some recent photos of Anna doing her Anna things. She cracks me up! This first one is of her on her changing table. She has recently begun to think that diaper changes are play times and she likes to try to crawl away. The other day she ended up like this, and though I'm trying to train her to be still during diaper changes, this made me laugh.

And here, she's practicing for summer.

Finally, she got a bath tonight and I figured you just can't have too many baby bath photos. She's a big girl now and we've finally abandoned the big blue bath boat. She loves free-ranging in the whole bathtub!

Auntie Mary, hope this meets the request. :-)