Friday, March 30, 2007

Back to the Bear

Well, I guess it's time to give Anna her site back since I've rambled enough about our rambles about the world. So, this isn't anything specific, but just a few bits about what Anna's been up to lately. Her most recent accomplishment has been pulling up and climbing. It seemed like she'd be happy to just crawl around forever, but finally she decided that things higher than the floor are worth a look. She also likes to share her new favorite word, "uh oh." It's very cute, but it is a little irritating when she drops things on purpose just so she can practice it. She still likes to say, "cat," and make her barking sound for whenever a dog in the neighborhood starts to pipe up. She can also say, "Da Da" when I show her her Daddy's photo and she likes to give him kisses. Oh, and she can say a version of "cheese" because she wants it every day for lunch. Let's see, some of her other new favorite foods are: P,B&J, mandarine oranges (Thanks, MB!), just about any dried fruit, and "real" milk. Some new ones she recently tried and enjoyed, but I still am not sure if they'll be favorites are: hummus (no kidding!), pizza, cucumbers, and lasagna. And, of course, she'll still go for her old stand-bys of Cheerios, yogurt, bananas, and applesauce just about any time of the day. She's not into many fresh fruits, except bananas, but we haven't encountered anything that truly offended her palate, which is great!

As far as play, she still loves to be outside and would stay out all day if that were possible. We do lots of walks, have run a couple of times (I don't like jogging strollers!), and she loves her swing and bubble machine she got for her birthday. When we're inside, she enjoys doing laps around the downstairs, usually with "treasures" in her little hands. She's into emptying anything that's full, and filling anything that's empty. I regularly find her little treaures in my shoes. The other day she discovered the piles of fun that can be had unrolling the toilet paper. She also likes to stack things by size and hold them in her hand. Yesterday while shopping at TJ Maxx she was grabbing tags attached to the clothing and neatly piling them in her hand. She has great fine motor skills! One really cool thing is that she's learned to "pray." Whenever I say we're going to pray before a meal or at bedtime she folds her little hands to pray like I do mine. It's the sweetest thing.

I'm enjoying this little girl so much right now! We're having a great time, even though we miss Daddy and wish he could see all these new accomplishments.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Oh the places HE's been!

So, to be fair, I did John's travel map. It's pretty impressive and I hope I remembered everything. I'm sure he'll correct me when he comes out of the desert and gets to see this. On a side note, here's an article from the Army Times on his unit, if anyone's interested in what they're doing. The last line may bring a chuckle.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Oh the places we've been!

Below is my Travel Map, as inspired by KBG. This is only mine. I'll have to do one for John later because he would totally dig this. Once again, we're taking Anna's space, but hey, we pay the bills, right? Plus, hers would only be a straight line up the east coast...boooring...unless we count places she went inutero.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Field Trip to Raleigh

This is the 3rd time we've been to Raleigh since we've lived here and every time I've been struck by how a mere 89 miles takes you from "ugly town" to "pretty town," from brown grass and sand to green grass, tulips, and red bud tress, from shadyness to sophistication. Anyway, we had a great time visiting Suzanne and Aaron. Anna had fun at the mall and enjoyed sampling her first smoothie! Yum! Thanks, guys! We'll be up again soon.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

One-Year Stats

Today Anna learned that being 1 isn't all a big party. Unlike last Wednesday where there were cupcakes and kids all around, today we had to go to the doctor for her one-year check-up. That meant all kinds of people bugging her and sticking needles into her. Yuck. Here are the stats:

Head: 47 cm (90th percentile)
Length: 30" (75th percentile)
Weight: (drumroll, please) 16 lbs., 4 oz. (not quite 3rd percentile)

Yeah, so she's still a little twig, but hey, she's still gaining and the doctor was happy about that, and very pleased with her height and her noggin. She has her daddy's figure. Maybe we should keep more cupcakes around.

So after a finger prick and a couple of shots, both for which she freaked out and I nearly passed out (I HATE needles that draw blood!), we found comfort in Rosie the Rabbit and fingers, one of which was still bleeding, but she didn't care. I decided that such a traumatic visit certainly deserved a trip across the street to the shopping center that has a pet store. Anna loves to say, "feesh," and point at them. She has some fish stuck to her bathtub and so the real ones were truly fascinating. We also had to pick up a new scratching post for Mr. E - that cat that John forgot to take with him. For some reason he has once again decided to whittle away a bit on our wooden furniture. Fluffy cat going real cheap!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Hooray for visitors!

In addition to the GREAT birthday party we had last week, Anna also wanted me to report on all the fun we had with our visitors. The B's came and stayed a few days and we enjoyed catching up, seeing how O had grown, and meeting the little girl! Poor J was severely outnumbered, but was a great sport about it. Anna loved making new friends. Here's one of M with the 2 little girls, Anna and S. Not sure where O was...probably somewhere supervising Mr. E.

Hope you guys enjoyed your stay. Sorry this place has limited attractions, but I hope you were pretty satisfied with Ruby Tuesday and the Starbucks inside Target.

Our next visitors were Auntie Mary and the cousins. As always, we had a blast and we hope they come back soon. Here are all 4 cousins on the front porch steps. They were all pretty tired after such a fun time, which explains why this was the best photo we could get.

And, though this has nothing to do with visitors, I just had to post this cute one of Anna all ready for church this morning. Our short-lived dose of summer weather gave out and Old Man Winter reminded us he's officially still around for a few more days. I was sort of glad because this cute dress finally fits and this will probably be the only chance she'll have to wear it.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


I can't believe my little darling is 1. Yesterday was the big day and we had a fantastic celebration - over 20 people in our backyard, the majority under the age of 4. I LOVED it!! Anna mostly watched and held onto Auntie Mary as other kids played and munched on their Dino nuggets and star-shaped PB&J's (thanks, MB!). Her favorite part was probably the chocolate cupcake. I know - 2 cupcakes in 5 days. Well, I've never claimed to be an uber-mom, have I? She wasn't really into the present-opening, but searched for a fun taggy to taste on each gift. Thanks to everyone for all the generous gifts of clothes, fun books, toys, and a nice red stuffed chicken that crows which will make Daddy very happy. (It's a long story)

I am most thankful to God who has led me through what has possibly been the most challenging year of my life, yet teaching me, guiding me and pouring more love into my heart for this little girl than I could ever muster. She is a joy.

Here's a photo of her enjoying her first cupcake last Sat. when Granny and Pa-Pa came. I hope to post video of the cake munching from yesterday soon, and to upload more photos from Mary's camera, too.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Daddy steals more space...

Last week it suddenly became clear what Daddy is busy doing in Afghanistan. Weeks of training and many cryptic phone conversations have led up to this new offensive and Operation Achilles, which 1-508 is currently participating in. Here's a link for more on what they're doing.

Back here at home, we enjoyed a visit from Granny and Pa-Pa this weekend. Photos to follow. Pa-Pa worked out his anxiety over both Virginia teams getting booted from the ACC tourney by doing some very helpful chores around the house. Thanks, Dad! We also did a little pre-gaming for Anna's first birthday! Last night we had some yummy cupcakes and fun presents. Her first cupcake with pink icing atop was a big hit. After cleaning up the pink and getting her settled in for bed she even made up for the lost hour of sleep. Maybe I need to keep more cupcakes on hand! More fun to come on Wed., as we have the B's coming to visit and a little party with all our little buddies here.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

One Little Flower

Last fall I planted some daffodils in the hopes that they'd be in bloom for Anna's birthday this year as they are the birth flower for March. Well, I guess you can't expect too many blooms for the first season after bulbs are planted, but we had one little trooper come up and shine his face for all the world to see! For days while there was just a bud Anna and I would go outside to check on the flower. She learned the word and pointed to it every time. The day it fully opened we got some photos of Anna and her flower. We're learning to enjoy the small things.

Monday, March 05, 2007

A (partial) Family Reunion

This past weekend we enjoyed Round 2 of the Scotts visit. They had come 2 weekends ago, but that was a very quick stay and so I didn't get many good photos. However, this past weekend was more successful. On Saturday morning we enjoyed a mini-reunion of our Schweinfurt Family with some dear friends from chapel and Hospitality House. Here's a photo with all of our little ones. Funny to think that only 3 of these 7 children were alive when we left Germany. We've multiplied! Poor Caleb was pretty tuckered out by the time we got to the group photo shoot.

Here's one of Ethan loving on his mommy. He's such a sweet boy. Love that smile!

And here's one of 2 sweet little friends playing together again...

What a great day! I hope the Lord has more of these gatherings in store for us and that they'll include more of the rest of you all out there! We miss you all!