Monday, February 26, 2007

A Fun Visit

On Saturday my dear friend Suzanne made the long, arduous journey all the way from Raleigh to visit since we've only lived here 8 months now. :-) (just kidding, girl!) Anna loved playing with her and I think that was the real reason she came. Anyway, it made my weekend. Come on back anytime and tell your husband being sick is a lame excuse for wanting to stay home and watch ACC basketball. Ha Ha!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Climb every mountain...

I know this is Anna's Log and was set up to report exclusively on her growth and development, but I know that many of our fans are also fans of her daddy and would like to know how he's doing. So Anna said he could borrow a little blog spot. Here is a photo he sent me today that one of his soldiers took of him after they had climbed a mountain for no good reason other than because it was there. They had been out at a firing range that is this mountain and after enough shooting decided it would be fun to go on a hike. As you can see, the guy looks pretty healthy and happy - much more so than I would after reaching what looks like quite a high summit. Then again, it doesn't look like this year will afford Anna and me many opportunities for ascending mountains, except the figurative ones.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Packin' it on

Today I took Anna in for yet another weight check. You know you visit your pediatrician too frequently when the receptionist and all the nurses know you and your baby by name...well, and maybe because I have such a cute baby. :-) Anyway, the doc was concerned because when we went for the follow-up for that terrible plague (aka double ear infection) 2 weeks ago, she had lost 8 oz. I knew it was just because she had been sick and refused to eat. But we just had to make sure. So, in we went today. Anna received a round of applause when the scale hit 14 lbs., 15 oz. - a pound and a half gain in 2 weeks! I know, it's still not an impressive weight since I know of some 5-month olds who weigh more, but it's progress! To celebrate, we stopped at our new favorite bakery on the way home for a loaf of tasty, fresh bread. Bread and Cheerios are still her favorite foods. Just like her SO many ways... Anyway, we're thankful for the healthy weight gain and we're closing in on Mr. E. 1 more pound and she'll have him running scared!

Another exciting development is the 2 top teeth that have decided to emerge. One has popped through and the other is close behind.

Friday, February 16, 2007

See Daddy?

I do too have grey eyes!

For all of Anna's short 11-month long life we've debated over the exact color of her eyes. Like most caucasian newborns she at first had the muttled, slate-colored peepers. Then they did turn blue for a while, much to Daddy's excitement. Now, however, they are definitely grey, and in really bright light I notice some hazel specks in them, too. On the phone the other night Daddy said very emphatically, "There's no such thing as grey eyes." This turned into one of our "Hey John..the sky is blue" discussions. You can ask him what that means. Anyway, later on, without prompting, Anna's Aunt Suzie even said, "You have such big grey eyes!" And here, in this photo, it is very clear to me as well.

So, sorry Daddy. You didn't get your blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl that you ordered. We are a rare breed. You did get a real beauty, though...with grey eyes.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Weren't we just HERE??

Well, it's so hard to believe that our trip to VA has ended and we're back here in in NC. We had a great time with the family and Granny is doing really well. I think Anna and I needed the diversion more than they needed the "help." Oh, well.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and we both missed Daddy a lot. Thankfully, my funny little Valentine and I had a great day going out to lunch with Granny, Grammie, Auntie Mary and the cousins. We even got some gifts from Afghanistan: roses for me and a teddy bear for Daddy's little Bear. I guess roses don't really grow in Afghanistan, but the nice DHL man delivered them and they're beautiful, so who cares where they came from?!

Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of our trip to post. I didn't even use my digital camera once. But Pa Pa and Aunt Mary got some good ones that they'll hopefully share. I did, however, get some great video of Anna's first sledding trip in the snow. She still wasn't too impressed with the white stuff. Other highlights of the trip were Haley teaching Anna how to patty cake (she wants to do it all the time now) and watching the birds eat their seed in the snow. I'd perch Anna in the exersaucer by the glass door so she could look out and watch. What fun!

It's good to be back and now we're looking forward to Caleb's birthday party this weekend and a visit from some special friends.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Weren't we just here??

Once again we're packing up Saabi and pointing her northwest to head to Roanoke tomorrow, technically even more north to Fincastle, but no one since Thomas Jefferson has ever heard of that place. It feels like we were just home for Christmas. I guess it's only been a few weeks. Yesterday Granny (my mom) had a rather invasive surgery and so Anna Bear and I are going to go help them out for a week or so. Anna will lend her services of being cute and I'll just do what I'm told. Maybe they'll give us a day off so we can play with Grammie and cousins, too.

Meanwhile, we've been able to chat with Daddy a bit more than we had expected to and he's doing well. Anna really misses him. We have photos of him up in various parts of the house and we "visit" them during the day. Anna grins, says, "Daa-ee", points and leans in to "give kisses."

Here's a photo of her happily recovered from her sickies.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Snow Bear

This morning Anna got to see her first snow. It was actually more of a slush mixture, but don't tell her that. She liked watching it fall from the sky out of the window, but when I put her in her snowsuit (probably the only chance she'll get to wear it) and we went out on the deck, she wasn't so impressed. Oh well. It won't be too long before her daddy has her flinging herself down a mountain on a pair of sticks.