Friday, January 26, 2007

One week down, double ear infection to go!

I posted a few days ago that Anna had been sick. She still is. I thought the cold was going away, but she developed other sypmtoms suddenly the last couple of days - super cranky and not taking her bottles hardly at all. The bottle part is what scared me. After all, we do need to hold her accountable to her New Year resolution to gain more weight. I thought it might be teething or something. She got to try a new array of treats to compensate for the bottle strike. Her new favorite is Jello. Giving her Pedialite through a medicine dropper has also been a fun time! Finally this morning we went to the Dr. and she is the proud owner of not one, but 2 ear infections! Oh boy. So, I'm very relieved because now we know what it is and should be better in a few days with the pretty pink goo she's always wanted to try. So we're one week down and it sure has been a colorful one! I guess I had to be tested just a little bit more. I hope I passed!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I'm so hi-tech

Below is my first attempt at putting video on here. I's about time. We just got a video camera for Christmas and now we have to take advantage of all its capabilities. So, this video is a little long. How much can you take of the same baby bouncing up and down? But we know someone who will find it very amusing and I bet he won't get tired of it. Enjoy!

Jumpin' and Jivin'

Doing the next thing...

Well, we're adjusting to our new reality. And as we know, what would that reality be without something going wrong?? I knew something had to happen. As Mom C. and I were musing today, it can't just be hard enough that John is gone. So, Anna got sick. She had a fever off and on for a few days and the dr. said it's just a bad cold. She has been much better today, and I'm so thankful!

Other than that we just keep doing the next thing, whatever that may be. I've heard from John a couple of times already while he was on a long stop-over waiting for the last leg of the trip to begin. I guess he's somewhere in between right now. Anna hasn't forgotten him yet. She still grins and points when we look at his photo or watch the video of bedtime stories he made. He'll be glad to know that.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

"Very Important is a Long Time"

Yesterday we said, "Bye, Bye" to Daddy as he departed to Afghanistan. It was as good as farewells can be, I guess. Anna was blissfully ignorant of the whole thing, which made it better. She just happily waved, "bye, bye" with a big grin as she always does. Just like when I put the Cheerios away in the cabinet. He'll be there a year and as I was explaining it to my 4-year old nephew today I told him Uncle John had to be away for a while to do something very important, he aptly respnded with, "Very important is a long time." That boy is so wise beyond his years.

So anyway, Anna and I are starting off on this adventurous year. We'll see what it brings. We have a few trips in the works and I'm sure we'll make many great memories with friends here too.

As I recall from the last deployment, the first few days are the toughest as it gradually sinks in that they're gone. But yesterday Auntie Mary and the kids came down to spend the night and give us a little company. That helped a lot and we had so much fun. The Lord has also blessed me with his peace and reminds me not to let my heart be troubled. (John 14) He was so faithful to us last time, why would he be any less this time?

Please keep John and us in your prayers. Email me if you'd like his address. Here is a photo I took of Anna Thu. night as she helped Daddy pack.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

10 Months and Gaining

Today Anna went back to follow up from the appointment we had 2 weeks ago. She impressed everyone weighing in at 13 lbs 14 oz. She's huge! So, there's nothing wrong with her and the Dr. reassured me that I wasn't starving her, but measuring her ounces helped with the 11 oz gain. So, we'll just keep doing what we're doing and hopefully she'll continue to gain. That silly girl. All she ever wants to eat is Cheerios. (Remind you of someone? Hmm...her dad?) So, we're really thankful and also thankful that it was so easy to transition to the bottle.

So, how's everyone else doing with their New Year resolutions?

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Anna Discovers Gravity

Today the worst thing happened. Something that until today was only in my imagination, but that I thought would never happen because we have baby gates. Well, baby gates only work if you close them. So, Anna discovered that stairs are for big girls; she tumbled down them from the upstairs...all the way down...all 13 of them. It happened so quickly and I couldn't catch up with her to grab her. Luckily they're carpeted and thankfully she's fine. She cried for about 10 minutes and we put an ice pack on the little bruised lump that soon emerged from her head. I think the nurse I called at her clinic could tell I was still shaking because she assured me that "this happens all the time." Okay, but it doesn't happen to my baby all the time and I am still feeling awful for it. We were both keeping a close eye on her all evening for any changes, even as she played happily with her buddy Caleb. I am so thankful babies are so resilient and as the nurse said, it probably was much worse for us than for her, but still. I know she'll be fine. And I know from now on we'll both be uber-careful about shutting the baby gates.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Anna's New Year Resolution

Around this time of year, many people make resolutions for the New Year. A very common one is to lose weight. Our daughter is attempting the opposite. Her doctor thinks she's too little, so her goal is to gain some weight. We're proud of her determination and discipline at eating more food. It takes a lot of character to stick with something like this. In the meantime she's also perfecting her peek-a-boo game (she started "peeking" at us at 7 mos.) and her crawling. Hopefully by the time her first birthday rolls around she'll finally weigh more than the cat.

Other than that, we're also preparing for Daddy's departure for the Ghan next week. It stinks, but we are looking at this upcoming year of separation as an opportunity and not a burden. If you'd like more details or his address, email me.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Anna's First Christmas

I've finally caught up enough around here to sit down and post a little about Anna's Christmas. We went to VA on Christmas Eve to get home in time to celebrate Granny's (my mom) birthday. The next day was tons of fun. Anna got to celebrate with presents and some yummy food, and lots of playtime with cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents and great-grandparents. Of course, she didn't really get what was going on, but she sure did love all the paper and ribbons people gave her. The toys were fun, too, she found out later. Her favorites have been the Bee-Bop Band (a little drum filled with baby musical instruments (oh boy!)), some mini-rubber duckies and bath book, a shape-sorting cube, some books (tasty!), and a rattle.

By the end of the day she was pretty tuckered out. The days following were also very busy, but very fun as we spent time with family and got to see several friends and distant relatives Anna hadn't met yet. Another highlight was attending her uncle's wedding on New Year's Eve. This is the second wedding she's been to in her short life and she did great sitting in my lap munching Cheerios.

As I mentioned in the last post, there will be lots of our holiday coverage on Snapfish if I can get the time to upload them. When I do, I will send out the invite to view them and post the link on here.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Anna Hearts Charleston

Well, we're back home in NC after all the travels! We had a great time, but kept the wheels on Saabi pretty hot. Our first adventure was to Charleston, SC! What a beautiful city! We were there for the week before Christmas for about 4 days. Anna loved it! She just kicked back in her stroller and took in all the sights. She was great and I think the salty air did her little bronchials some good. Her breathing started sounding better within a day of our arrival. For me, the highlight was the shopping. Mommy Hearts King Street! The food was also really yummy everywhere we ate....She-Crab Soup....mmm... Daddy enjoyed early morning runs along the harbor and our trip to Ft. Sumter. We also visited the aquarium and did a tour of one of the old homes on the last day. That was neat, but Antebellum architecture isn't Anna's thing; she started to get a little catty-wompous so we left early so as not to disturb other tourists.

Here' s a photo of Daddy and Anna by Ft. Sumter.

And here's one of Anna enjoying the aquarium.

I highly recommend this city if you're ever on the southeast coast. Even if you don't like history or shopping, it's just a treat to walk around and see the beautiful homes and eat the yummy food. Who doesn't like yummy food? There will be a few more photos of the trip on our monthly Snapfish album.