Sunday, December 17, 2006

Well baby, sick baby...

Friday I took Anna to the Ped. for her 9-month well-baby check-up. Thursday night had been really rough. She was up almost every hour crying because her cough kept waking her up. I'd nurse her to calm her down and that would give me a little bit of rest....boy, it brought back some bad memories of the early days. (I don't miss those newborn days!) Since our little one has been sleeping through the night for a very long time now, we definitely knew something was wrong. Anna's had a cold for about 2 weeks now. I thought it was getting better last week, but I noticed she was coughing more and that night she definitely had a fever, though she wouldn't hold still long enough for me to get a good reading. So, the check-up Friday morning turned into a "sick baby" appointment, much to my disappointment. Anna has bronchialitis, which I'm assuming is the same thing as's certainly easier to say. I knew she was sick and would need medicine, but what really overwhelmed me was that we have to give her breathing treatments 3 times a day. So, instead of going to the Wal-mart pharmacy (I blame Wal-mart for the origin of this super bug) to pick up the magical bottle of yummy pink goo that all babies get, we went to an office that distributes nebulizers and breathing machine accoutrements. The friendly lady there gave me a run-down of how to use the machine as I blankly stared and nodded, praying I'd remember all the details. The doc had shown us how to do one, too, thankfully. Then we went on our Wal-mart run to get the rest of the medicine - the stuff we put in the nebulizer. Anyone who's had asthma probably knows about this process.

Friday night I waited till John got home to admionister the treatment, because I just wasn't so sure about it all. Boy was it fun! It's getting better each time as Anna seems more familiar with the process. We also decided that popping in a Baby Einstein and letting her watch TV (gasp!!) also helps her hold still long enough to breathe in what we hope is enough of the vapor. She's not the only one, I feel a little jittery after sitting through it, too. Maybe it's all the crazy shapes dashing across the TV screen at fast tempos.

As with most mishaps in our family, this illness occured just in time for John's block leave. Friday was his last day and we had dreams of booking some last-minute vacation to the Caribbean or Deer Valley. Well, I guess that won't happen. Flying with a baby is hard enough, I can't imagine doing the "baby houka" in an airport! So, now we're thinking maybe we'll do a quick trip to somewhere closer next week. Anyone ever been to Charleston, SC? Then we'll head to VA for Christmas and New Year's.

Oh well, I'm just thankful we can take care of our baby, and hey, at least we're together! We'd appreciate your prayers for Anna to get well.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Fixed links and first words!(?)

Hooray! Thanks KBG for helping me fix my links. I think they work now, but I still have those little tool icons showing up on the screen. Does anyone else see those?

Anyway, since this blog is about Anna and not me, I'll talk about her a little bit. I may just be exaggerating, but I think my little girl is pretty smart. I think she knows some words. Every time Mr. E crosses her path in the house she says, "it-ty!" because I call him "kitty" most of the time to her. I've also noticed when someone comes in the room or she sees a new face, she says, "EY-e" (sounds like "hi" without an "h") in the same tone as I say it to her. She's also been waving bye-bye for a while and lifts her arms up when I say "up." It's pretty fun. Maybe you veteran moms know something I don't, but it seems like she's starting to "talk." Here's a photo of her "helping" me wrap gifts yesterday. I think I'll do the rest of the wrapping during her naps.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

A little Houdini

This morning Anna woke me up with her usual babbling, but a tad earlier than normal. I didn't think much of it and thought maybe she'd go back to sleep. Yeah right. Her morning babble usually consists of some "aahhhs" and "dadaaas" of varying intonations. Today it was her new code for fussing, "yayayaya." It was getting louder and louder, so I decided to go ahead and get her up. When I walked in the room I doubled over in laughter and was sad no one was there to witness the sight with me. I really I could've gone to get the camera, but I figured that in her helpless state she'd be really angry if I turned and left the room. My poor little girl had somehow managed to wriggle out of her fleece sleepsack from the waist up and her daddy hadn't put anything on under it when he put her to bed last night. How in the world she got her arms out of the sleeves, the collar over her shoulders and down to her waist completely baffles me. I guess it helps that she's so teeny, but she was cold and ready to be done with all that. Tonight we'll make sure she has something underneath and I think we'll start her in contortionist lessons soon.

By the way, I switched to the beta version and added the links to our friends' blogs. I'm just curious if my computer is weird since I work on the blog from it. Can anyone else access those other pages from the links I put on? It takes me to this weird HTTP thing and I also see little screwdriver icons by my stuff there on the side. Does anyone else see this? Thanks for letting me know. Still trying to figure all this stuff out...

Monday, December 04, 2006

Link to photos

Here are 2 links to photos of November, and then a separate one from Anna's baptism. I would've done it all on one, but Daddy does things differently. I'll also be sending out the montly invitation on email since not all our friends and family are checking the blog. Enjoy!

We had a great weekend. John was off on Friday, thanks to 82 vehicle fatality-free days. We decorated the tree Friday night and Anna helped Daddy put on his new ornament (her little footprint). BTW, babies and plaster molds aren't a good mix...the directions didn't mention that!

On Saturday we watched Navy beat Army...what's new? It was fun to listen to all the guys make fun of Navy to sooth their injured pride. Then yesterday was church and then more decorating of the house. Happy Advent, everyone!