Friday, May 11, 2012

Let It Rain

"Let it rain! Who cares?

I've a train upstairs..." (A.A. Milne)

Monday, March 05, 2012

Leap Day Snow

A great way to celebrate Leap Day is to get some snow.  Anna got out of school early for it, and we made the best of it.  Maybe we spent too long out there; she was sick 2 days later.  And where, you may wonder, was the baby? Well, she chose to have a little snooze while all this was going on.  And no, I didn't make them shovel!  It was Anna's idea, and Joshua is always willing to go along with anything Big Sister is doing. 

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Quotable 2011

  We are amazed and thankful at how God was so faithful to us in 2011!    I was looking back in our family journal at some of our favorite quotes from the children and I thought I'd share them here.  We decided some weren't appropriate for this blog, so you'll just have to come visit and read them for yourselves.  Hope they make you smile.

Anna: Mommy, I STILL can't decide who I want to marry when I grow up.

Anna: Joshua, you can tell others about Jesus when you grow up!

Anna at breakfast one day: Mama, my eyes are old. They aren't working so well.  I think I need new ones.

Upon presenting me with a lovely bouquet of flowers for Valentine's Day, Anna said, "I'm sorry there's no dandelions in them."

In the bathtub Anna was pretending to host a TV cooking show (like the ones we watch on PBS).  I was the audience as she told me how to mix and what to pour in.  Suddenly, she looked up and said, "You have to be nakey to make this recipe."

Anna:  Grammie must have had a hard time naming Daddy.
Me:  I don't think so.  Daddy's daddy's name was John, so they named Daddy after him.
Anna: Then why is he called "Grampie:?

Anna, looking at a calendar and thinking ahead to her birthday said, "Joshua and I are kinda like twins because we were born on the same page and in the same week."

Joshua was in the shopping cart in the PX as we looked for new sneakers for him.  I told him he needed big boy shoes.  He held up his arms in "soooo big" fashion.  I asked if he was big, he said, "Yeah!  Dew!" and held up 2 fingers.  I told him he wasn't 2 yet, but almost.

I was struggling to get Joshua out of the car with my hands already full of dry cleaning, a shopping bag, and the diaper bag.  Anna asked, "Mama, do you need monkey hands?"

We were walking to the library one spring morning in the wet grass.  Anna said, "It dewed last night!"

On the same walk to the library we smelled a skunk.  Anna said, "It must have skunked someone.  Or maybe it just skunked for fun."

Anna: I LOVE New Jersey.
Me:  Really? Why?
Anna: Because they do your gas for you so you can go in and go potty and get a snack.  I LOVE New Jersey!

We were outside one morning when the mailman walked up and gave us our mail.  When he walked away, Anna said, "Hey!  They wear cadet pants!"

Upon meeting Baby Elizabeth for the first time at the hospital, Joshua couldn't stop saying, "Aww...doot (cute.) Aww....doot baby.  Aww....doot."

Throughout this Christmas season, anytime Joshua sees anything Christmas-y, such as trees, lights, etc., he exclaims, "Miss!"  which is his word for "Christmas."  Santa included.  Joshua does not like Santa.  At Daddy's work party, Santa gave candy and small gifts to the children.  Joshua would not come out from behind my leg to talk to Santa.  When Santa came over to him and offered a candy cane, a Joshua arm reached out, snatched that candy cane, then disappeared just as quickly behind my legs.  Now, he says, "No Miss, Scared.  No Miss," whenever he sees a Santa.

Happy New Year, everyone!  May the reality of our Savior's gift of peace, hope, and joy be known, "far as the curse is found."

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Look Who's 6 Months Old!

I don't know where the last 6 months have gone!  We are so thankful for this sweet girl and are enjoying each moment.  We better....they seem to just fly by too quickly!  Elizabeth loves to be held, loves attention from her brother and sister, but Anna can really get her to smile and giggle.  Here are some more moments we've recently enjoyed.

Hats for all on a chilly day....yes, the pink flower headband even went OVER the hat.  It's Anna's token accessory and completes any outfit she dons.

Joshua made his own version of the Nativity...

Elizabeth met her great-grandparents in VA at Thanksgiving.  Below, with my grandmother and her namesake.

My Go Gran and 4 of his 10 great-grands!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


2 Friday evenings ago we had 12 children under 6 years of age on our couch. A wonderful combination of Childresses, Golbys, Starlings, and Spahrs.

A happy Elizabeth, or, Bibiss, as we call her here.  Thanks, Joshua, for a cute nickname.
So hard to believe she's 4 months now, though these photos are from a few weeks ago.

She's too cute!  Must take more photos!!!

Anna ran her first race on Columbus Day.  A 50 meter Fun Run with her school.  Gotta start somewhere. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Anna's Newest Adventure


I can't believe the day came for my little companion to go off to school. Anna hasn't really left my side in her whole 5 and a half years. Anna's first day, and the days since have been a success. She goes off every day like she's done it all her life -- cool and confident is that little girl.

So far her favorite part of the day is recess....and coming home to snuggle with her baby sister. Who wouldn't love that?!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Beach Memories

This is about all Elizabeth did the whole trip, with some feedings in between nappings. Sweet baby!!
We found many treasures in these tidal pools
When we weren't on the beach...

They had a whole ocean to swim in, yet they chose the way-too-little paddle pool!

"Let's look for starfish!"
Can anyone name this lighthouse?

We wish we were still there!